She Never Loaded Us With Her Sores, She Always Smiled

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She Never Loaded Us With Her Sores, She Always Smiled
She Never Loaded Us With Her Sores, She Always Smiled

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9 days since Vera Glagoleva died. attended the farewell ceremony and talked to the movie star's colleagues.


The star of the films "Marry the Captain", "Snipers", "Poor Sasha" and many others - actress and director Vera Glagoleva - died on August 16 in the German city of Baden-Baden. As it turned out, the actress suffered from oncology for many years, but despite this, until her last breath, she devoted herself to art.

"She was not arrogant."

Vera Glagoleva got into the cinema thanks to the director Rodion Nakhapetov. The young girl played along with the actor during the rehearsal of the role in the film "To the End of the World …" - and Nakhapetov, without hesitation, found a heroine for her as well. Rodion not only brought Glagoleva to the cinema, but also became her first husband, from whom she soon gave birth to two daughters - Anya and Masha. This happy family idyll is well remembered by the couple's neighbors in Bolshoy Tishinsky Lane. It was here that the eminent director was once given an apartment.

“They walked in our yard with the girls when they were still young,” says an elderly woman sitting on a bench near the house. - What I can definitely say about Vera is that she was not arrogant. He always greets everyone. Nahapetov also greeted us. In general, there was no pathos in this family. Their girls and my son played together, despite the fact that our family is completely simple, not acting. I also saw her at the gas station - she was driving herself, refueling the car. She was always slim, well-groomed. But, unfortunately, she quickly moved out of us. When she divorced her husband, both of them disappeared, we did not see them anymore.

Vera and Rodion lived together for 12 years, until the director was invited to work in America. Glagoleva with her two daughters was waiting for him in Moscow, but … she did not wait. Abroad, Nakhapetov met another woman and frankly confessed this to his wife. According to colleagues and friends, Vera Vitalievna experienced all the pain of betrayal alone with herself and tried to immerse herself in work as deeply as possible. But soon, at one of the film festivals, she met a new love - businessman Kirill Shubsky, from whom she gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia.

“Her death is like an explosion! Absolute shock!"

A month and a half ago, 24-year-old Nastya married hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. This wedding became one of the most high-profile events of this year, and Vera Glagoleva danced to the fullest, rejoicing for her daughter.

“Ovechkin apparently spoiled Nastya very much before the wedding,” a woman who lives next door to the apartment where Anastasia lived for a short period of time told us. - The car here once stood gorgeous, all in bows.

- Nastya herself is a good girl, - another resident of the house echoes her. - Cultured, educated, always greeted. True, we saw little of her. I traveled abroad all the time. And as she got married, she completely moved to her husband in the United States.

Colleagues, friends and relatives gathered at the farewell ceremony for the actress at the Central House of Cinema. Rodion Nakhapetov also arrived with his wife. Just like Kirill Shubsky, he could not hold back his tears. Needless to say, how heartbroken were the actress's daughters who came to the funeral with their husbands and Vera Vitalievna's grandchildren - ten-year-old Polina and nine-year-old Kirill.

“Vera was fragile, but at the same time a very purposeful, uncompromising person,” Glagoleva's friend Ingeborga Dapkunaite said through tears. - Probably her most important features are honesty and beauty.

Everyone was talking about the uniqueness of Vera Glagoleva on the day of farewell. And People's Artist of the USSR Inna Churikova remembered how she lived next door to her. Then the actresses were also united by the friendship of children. Inna Mikhailovna's son, Ivan, was born in the same year as Glagoleva's eldest daughter, Anna.

- She was a wonderful mom! - shared Inna Churikova. - I have always been taking care of children. That's why she raised such beauties! And she herself, like a child, possessed a very great inquisitiveness and greed for life. She was worried and interested in absolutely everything! And moreover, it seems to me that I experienced all the worries, griefs and even troubles inside myself. Perhaps that's why she left so early. Her husband loved her very much and was with her all these painful years for her! And we didn't even suspect anything! Her death is like an explosion! Absolute shock! I was not her close friend, but we lived side by side and once both were mothers of small children.

"Stretched like a string, but still beautiful"

Actress Marina Yakovleva starred with Vera Glagoleva in the film "Snipers". It was then that the two young women became friends.

- I remember Vera laughing, cheerful, lively, kind, - says Marina. - She had style in everything - in paintings, clothes, behavior. She was very close to me. Vera became a witness at my wedding, my children wore fur coats, overalls for Anya and Masha. We used to always go somewhere together. But recently, fate somehow divorced. Directing appeared in her life, the family grew. Our last meeting was a year and a half ago. She invited me to the Eldar cinema for the premiere of her film Two Women. There was a kind of nervousness in her that day, she was taut like a string, but still beautiful.

Marina Yakovleva shared with correspondents that she feels guilty before her friend of her youth.

- She invited me to the program "Tonight", dedicated to her anniversary, - continues the actress. - We seem to have agreed then, but I was not released from the shooting. I was so worried about this, although Vera later said that it was okay … 10 years ago I heard that she had breast cancer. It was uncomfortable for me to ask, and she herself never spoke about it. She later acted in films, I thought, well, it means that everything is over, but this is being cured. And one spring, on May 21, the actress Ayturgan Temirova, with whom we also starred in "Snipers", wrote to me. She told me that Vera is very, very sick. I immediately went to the Internet, there was no information about it. I called Vera's daughter, she said that everything was fine with them. And suddenly Nastenka's wedding. We were filming with Slava Manucharov, he told me that he was the host at the wedding and Vera danced beautifully there. Well, everything, I finally calmed down, was happy for her family! And then such a shock!

"I would like to believe that we are not parting forever!"

Singer Alexander Buinov explained to us that Vera Glagoleva simply did not want to be worried about her.

- She never loaded us with her sores, she always smiled, - says the artist. - She constantly participated in acting games, practical jokes. In my memory, she will remain very cheerful and easy-going.

One of the few colleagues who probably knew about the poor condition of Vera Glagoleva was the actor Alexander Baluev. He played one of the main roles in the director's work of the artist - the film "Two Women".

“We called back four days ago,” the man barely utters, his eyes filled with tears. - She was sick, but hoped that we will see you soon. We were to fly to Spain soon to present the film Two Women at the film festival. Now I will fly alone.

Actor Valery Garkalin was also waiting for his turn someday to play with Vera Glagoleva.

“We collaborated with her in four films,” recalls Valery Borisovich. - We have an amazing duet. It is a pity that we did not extend this in time, she quickly migrated to the directors. Once we told her that I would soon become the subject of film research in her works. But, unfortunately, I didn’t wait. I can say that in such moments of sorrow I want to believe that we are not parting forever! Probably, there is some space and time where we will definitely intersect and even laugh at our sorrowful moments.I'm looking forward to meeting Vera!

All friends of Vera Glagoleva, as one, speak of her as an ideal mother, but the actress herself said that she was extremely strict with her girls and never lisp with them. She also believed that she devoted little time to her three grandchildren - Polina, Cyril and Miron.

- Of course I treat them well, that's understandable, - said the actress. - But as for sitting with grandchildren, walking with them, this is not mine, and they understand it themselves. My grandchildren have wonderful mothers - my daughters. And this, it seems to me, is the main thing!

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