Why Dating Sites Are Dangerous

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Why Dating Sites Are Dangerous
Why Dating Sites Are Dangerous

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Roskachestvo tested mobile dating apps. It turned out that many of them do not encrypt user data. This means that personal information can get to cybercriminals. But is this the worst thing about such sites? By the way, today the world celebrates the day of marriage agencies. Trying to figure out where and how to get to know each other better.


The opinion of the columnist "VM" Nikita Mironov

Women are very sorry

Do you want to be scared of women? Welcome to dating sites! Even having scrolled through the first hundred photos, any normal man will experience nausea. Roughly photoshopped beauties with forced smiles, pewter eyes and lips folded like a duck, look like flies. And they also cause infernal melancholy. Most of the women on dating sites are not girls. These are heifers. Something in between a cow and a man, closer to a cow. The first experience of communication confirms the guess.

“Che. We plowed. Sorry. Oktyabyrskaya metro station. And all without punctuation marks, with a small letter. How did these abortion victims get on the internet? It's very simple: to find a man live and "for a relationship" they are not able to. Men are running away from them.

Real acquaintance is good because you immediately understand - a beautiful girl or not, smart or stupid, has a sense of humor or an ensign in her soul. The Internet, as a rule, does not immediately give an idea. About appearance - for sure. I feel very sorry for normal women looking for "something serious" on the Internet. For men go here as in a public toilet - to relieve physiological need. There is nothing else to do here.

The opinion of the columnist "VM" Irina Orekhova

Virtual Temptation

Online dating is an absolute evil. Around me, many married couples divorced precisely because of such virtual contacts. Moreover, 99 percent did not reach real meetings. But the divorce was very real, with the courts.

Divorce is not so much out of jealousy or out of great love for another. Nobody shouts, wringing their hands theatrically: “I don’t love you, husband, I love Kolya from the Internet!” The reason, it seems, is that the "half" who hangs up on dating sites spends so much time, energy and feelings on it that there is no longer enough for their own family.

“You see, this is his choice,” Lena's friend explains to me in the kitchen over a cup of strong tea. She just got out of court, filed for divorce. Two children, mortgage. - I can handle.

The husband spends all his strength on these Katya and Ol, does not get out of the chats, does not get enough sleep.

Another will say that a family man has nothing to do on such sites, and once he has climbed, it means that something does not suit him at home.

“We are all human,” Lena shrugs. - Now they have forgotten such a word - "temptation", but this is it. For example, you know that stealing is not good. Suddenly in front of you is a little bit of money, completely drawn. I took them - and a lot of money. You don't have to work. Here you take it? It's easier.

Agree. Easier. But I am sure that you can and should fight against temptations.

The opinion of the columnist "VM" Anna Moskovkina

Got bored

Online dating is unlikely to have spared anyone. They did not bypass me for sure. I will not say that I was trying to find my destiny there or to strike up any serious relationship - and in general I do not believe that idle chatter can result in something meaningful.

Although they say that there are examples.

I registered in these networks solely in order to understand who is sitting there, what is looking for, what people think. Well, have fun, of course.

The first thing I noticed right away was the girls in draft poses. You don't even need to open a questionnaire - and it is clear that they are mainly looking for commodity-money relations on these sites.But the guys meet different - from those who are ready to continue communication under the auspices of "money in the morning, chairs in the evening", to discuss these very commodity-money relations, to those who are serious. By the way, the latter believe everything unconditionally. For example, 41-year-old Konstantin from Moscow was the first to write to me. I introduced myself to him as a teacher of Russian language and literature in one of the capital's schools located in the Chistye Prudy area. Vis-a-vis tried to show knowledge of my subject, only he did not see the difference between Brodsky and Yesenin, and I did not hear about Alexander Blok at all. I had to maintain my reputation and give a short lecture on Russian literature.

Ten minutes later, such communication was pretty tired. She said that it was high time for me to check the control papers, and she retired from the network forever. Because it got boring.

The opinion of the family psychologist Irina Nikitina

An outlet for the shy

The Internet literally saves many people from loneliness. After all, how does a huge number of Muscovites live? Home - metro - work. And on the weekend - sleep. And when will you order to get acquainted? And where? At work? But many work in same-sex teams. Here sits a young, beautiful and intelligent woman in the school library. Or in accounting. Who should she meet? And the Internet still allows you to find your beloved man.

Another question is that you need to immediately understand why you are getting to know each other, and find out what, in fact, a man is looking for on dating sites. After all, it often happens that interests do not coincide.

A woman, for example, wants to have a permanent relationship, a family, and a man just wants to “go out”. As a rule, this fundamental point - the purpose of acquaintance - can be found out even during correspondence. And then decide whether to continue dating "in real life" or not.

Let's not forget that there are many shy people in the world. They can be smart, cute, talented, but also shy. When a guy comes to such a girl on the street, she may just get confused, although she liked him, and the acquaintance will not take place. Or it may be that a young man has a psychological barrier - well, he does not know how to approach girls, start a conversation, introduce himself and ask for a phone number.

Someone knows how, but someone does not. And there are a lot of those who do not know how. In fact, the way you meet - on the Internet or not - is completely unimportant. This is a purely technical issue. What matters is how the relationship will develop.

People lose each other not because they met online, but because they could not overcome the crises that necessarily arise in relationships. But that is another story.

The opinion of the sexologist Alexander Poleev

Continuous swindle

The main problem with online dating is that there are more opportunities to cheat. Women, for example, are very fond of putting their best photos of five or ten years ago. And when a man comes on a date, he often experiences some shock - the nymph was not at all like that. At the same time, it often happens that a woman does not come on a date at all.

There is a huge number of "virtual girls" on the Internet who have been sitting there for years to pick flowers of male attention. When a man invites such a girl out on a date, she is very busy, then she went to her sick mother. An experienced person will see through such a liar very quickly, and young men can fall in love and really suffer.

As for the men themselves, I assure you that on the Internet the vast majority of them, unlike women, are looking for non-long-term relationships. Their goal is one-time or multiple sex. Sometimes it gets ridiculous. A man and a woman agree that they will meet at his or her home, and then they will go to the cinema. But after sex, the man looks at the smartphone screen, says that something terrible has happened, that he needs to go, and after that he no longer appears. We didn't even go to the movies together.

Although, of course, I would not demonize internet dating. It all depends on the people. There are those who, as a result, find their love and destiny.But such, as far as I know, are still a minority.

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