Kostenko, Kudryavtseva, Nyusha And Other Stars Who Will Soon Become Mothers

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Kostenko, Kudryavtseva, Nyusha And Other Stars Who Will Soon Become Mothers
Kostenko, Kudryavtseva, Nyusha And Other Stars Who Will Soon Become Mothers

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These stars will become mothers in late spring or summer. For some, the baby will be the firstborn, someone is already an experienced mother. Some were planning a pregnancy, while others admitted that the good news of an imminent replenishment came as a complete surprise to them.


Anastasia Kostenko

"Vice-Miss Russia - 2014" Anastasia Kostenko will soon give birth to football player Dmitry Tarasov's daughter. Tarasov declassified the sex of the unborn child in mid-April, devoting a touching post to the baby in Instagtram: “Daughter, we are waiting for you very much. Happy birthday, dad, you are always by my side, thank you. " Recently, Anastasia spoke in detail about how she feels and how she has changed during pregnancy: “To be honest, I did not understand before when suddenly the pages of a pregnant girl began to contain 50-80% of the information regarding this situation. Now everything became clear. When you are anxiously waiting for two cherished strips, then you see a man at the first screening, it is hard for him not to live, not to think every minute. The first movements, hormonal leaps, tummy growth, joint trips to the children's world - all this immerses you in this wonderful time. You begin to understand that a little more and life will not be the same (in the good sense of the word). If you only knew how many pregnant pens have … I hope my family understands it all."

Pippa Middleton

In mid-April, information appeared in the media that the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Pippa Middleton was expecting her first child from her husband James Matthews. A source from the British edition of The Sun said that 34-year-old Philip is four months pregnant. True, Middleton herself has not yet commented on the rumors about her interesting situation, and at the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not look pregnant.

Lera Kudryavtseva

Rumors about Lera Kudryavtseva's pregnancy have been circulating for a long time. The TV presenter herself answered all the provocative questions of journalists that she wanted children, but did not rush things. Recently, Lera, who usually prefers outfits that emphasize the figure, often appears in public in loose clothes, under which it is more and more difficult to hide a rounded belly. Finally, a colleague of Kudryavtseva, Andrei Malakhov, declassified her interesting position. It turned out that the 46-year-old TV presenter will indeed soon give birth to her husband, 30-year-old hockey player Igor Makarov, a child. Recall that the famous blonde also has a 28-year-old son, Jean, from his first marriage. Recently, rumors appeared on the Web that in fact Lera wears a false belly, and a surrogate mother will give birth to a couple. Such guesses were denied by friends of Kudryavtseva, who said that she was really in an interesting position and felt great.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Soon for the second time, the 31-year-old princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi will also become a mother. Charlotte is pregnant with the son of French actress Carole Bouquet Dimitri Rassam, whom she recently became engaged to. The sex of the unborn child is still a secret, it is only known that he will be born this summer. The princess also has a four-year-old son from a relationship with actor Gad Elmalekh, and her fiancé has a six-year-old daughter from model Masha Novoselova.

Anna Khilkevich

On April 2, Anna Khilkevich announced her pregnancy and noted that the news was not an April Fool's joke. “If today was April 1, then perhaps many would have taken this news as a joke, almost like my husband)))) Well, but seriously, it’s more and more difficult to joke about my new situation every day. but many have such insight that they guessed about the changes before I knew. Therefore, let's start Monday with this news, well, and I will definitely share all the details with you later.So let your pregnant mom calmly enjoy this feeling and the last calm months,”the actress wrote on Instagram. This child will become the second for Anna and her husband Artur Volkov. In December, their daughter Arianna turned two years old.

Eva Lonogria

After an unsuccessful marriage and a difficult divorce, the star of "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria became disillusioned with family life and announced that she no longer believed in monogamy and no longer dreamed of a husband and children. As soon as the actress let go of the situation, everything changed … Eva met businessman Jose Antonio Baston, fell in love, got married, and now, at 43, she is preparing to become a mother for the first time. The actress admitted that the news of the pregnancy was a complete surprise for her. Upon learning of her interesting situation, Longoria put off work on a new film and decided to focus on family planning.

Recently, more and more rumors began to appear that the 27-year-old singer Nyusha is expecting her first child. A recording of the artist's concert was recently published on the Web, in which her fans saw a rounded belly. In addition, many have noticed that Nyusha is now wearing looser clothes that hide her figure. She herself has not yet confirmed rumors about her interesting position.

Anna Tsukanova-Kott

But Anna Tsukanova-Kott does not hide her interesting position and is now preparing for the birth of her second child. The star of the TV series "The Eighties", "The Drunken Firm" and "Major" announced the news on her Instagram page: "I have news, we will soon have an addition to the family, we are very happy." At the end of April, it became known that the actress and her husband, director Alexander Kott, who are raising their ten-year-old son Mikhail, are expecting a girl.

Irina Shayk

Rumors do not subside that soon Irina Shayk will become a mother for the second time. The supermodel, as usual, does not comment on her personal life, but lately she has been wearing more and more loose clothes. She hid her first pregnancy to the last and informed everyone about the imminent replenishment, only when her rounded belly was already impossible not to notice. Recall that last year, Shayk had a daughter, Leia, from actor Bradley Cooper.

Rita Dakota

Recently, there were reports on the Web that the singer Dakota is in an interesting position. The rumors were provoked by the artist herself. Vlad Sokolovsky's wife posted on Instagram a photo in which she poses in a loose dress, and mysteriously wrote: “I want to remember myself like that. Real miracles happened to me. I'll tell you all about it soon. While I want to warm it inside myself."

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