Top "women's" Books On Building Relationships

Top "women's" Books On Building Relationships
Top "women's" Books On Building Relationships

Video: Top "women's" Books On Building Relationships

Video: Top "women's" Books On Building Relationships
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It would seem, what is difficult in building a happy strong family? Many parents and grandparents have lived together all their lives. This means that I will have the same thing, many girls think. But this is far from the case. Relationships are not something that comes naturally. This is a long, painstaking and continuous work - joint with a partner, but mostly individual. In this collection, we have collected books that are worth reading for every girl who wants to create a strong family for life with the right man.


Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood

This is the first book we advise you to study cover to cover. In it, the practicing American psychologist Robin Norwood, using the example of specific stories, explains why girls who want love over and over again choose completely unbearable men for their partners, who are not capable of reciprocal feelings.

This book is a kind of purgatory. She helps to understand the cause of failures in a love relationship, which each time end in failure. As often happens, the unhealthy attachment of women to certain types of men comes from childhood: the indifferent attitude of the mother, the alcoholic father, childhood psychological traumas Robin Norwood's book is like a bitter medicine: in some places it is painful and unpleasant to read it, but it is extremely necessary.

The Science of Love by Dario Salas Summer

Here, the Chilean scientist and philosopher clearly distinguishes between true love and relationships, into which people thoughtlessly enter in a state of spiritual and physical hunger. Real feelings are possible only under the condition of integrity and complete psychological maturity of two people who can be happy on their own. The author reveals the secrets of the science of love, shares knowledge that is so lacking to truly love a person of the opposite sex and the world around him. The book explains such psychological phenomena as the Oedipus complex, the Electra complex, the Diana complex in adults. The book will help you achieve true harmony in your relationship with your partner and maintain a sense of joy and newness throughout your life.

The Art of Love, Erich Fromm

Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm published this book back in 1965. It consists of seven chapters, which are devoted to the analysis of various objects and subjects of love: parents to children and vice versa, between brothers and sisters, to their neighbor, to themselves, and finally to God. Love is not a vivid emotional experience available to everyone, but work, the result of which depends only on the person himself. To deserve it, you need to constantly learn, improve as a person, get to know yourself and the world around you. Thus, love is a whole art that is not easy to master. Despite the fact that the book was written a long time ago and sometimes you have to re-read the phrases in order to correctly understand their meaning, it is still very relevant today. Take the time to read it.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray

Psychologist Joan Gray's book shows how differently men and women think, feel and act. She has saved hundreds of couples around the world. The first edition of the book was published in 1992. During this time, the world has changed, so the author has supplemented it based on the experience of working with modern couples. In 2017, a new version of the publication was published. In it, the psychologist describes how the relationship between men and women has changed over the past 20 years, what most often provokes conflicts and how to maintain attraction between each other for many years.

Love Lives Three Years by Frederic Beigbeder

If books on psychology are not going well for you, we recommend reading Beigbeder's novel, dedicated to a pessimistic love theory. The main character lived with his wife for three years, and after these years, the feelings disappeared somewhere. Out of despair, he comes to the conclusion that love can only live for three years, when attraction is due to a hormonal surge. While still married, he meets another and falls in love again. However, his theory about the "expiration date" of feelings haunts him. With hidden fear, the protagonist is waiting for the fateful date

The book clearly shows how much we depend on our prejudices and because of them we break our lives. Love doesn't have to last only three years. She lives exactly as long as we want.

"Men: instructions for use", Sergey Khokhlov

And here is a book by a Russian author on our list "Instructions for use" by men, written for women. Sergey Khokhlov is a young practicing psychologist with 10 years of experience, a coach who conducts author's trainings on the topic of relationships and self-development, a happy husband and father. This book is a practical guide for those who want to improve their relationship with their man, find their soul mate or get married. Here you will find recommendations and exercises that have been proven to be useful in practice many times. When properly read and applied, the book can be a source of real, positive change in your life.

By the way, the psychologist periodically conducts free webinars for girls on various topics in terms of relationships. He can also be found on social networks, where he regularly shares advice and invites those who wish to take courses on building relationships at his online school.

“Lagom. Swedish Secrets to a Happy Life, Elizabeth Carlson

This book does not teach how to build family relationships, but introduces us to the Swedish philosophy of life called "lagom". If you are too immersed in the problems of everyday life, love and do not know how to relax - this is what you need now. The author of the book talks about the philosophy of moderation, the importance of maintaining a balance between work and rest, benefit and pleasure, materially - and in general in everything. This is the Swedish secret to a happy life. There is no algorithm for building happy relationships, but you can find tips on gardening, recipes for delicious dishes and many other things that are not very important at first glance, but are actually useful for relaxing things. We advise!

Be sure to read at least some of these books, even if your relationship seems solid and cloudless to you. You need to constantly work on them, and love should be nourished not only with new general impressions, but also with knowledge.