Why People Unconsciously Have Sex In Their Sleep

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Why People Unconsciously Have Sex In Their Sleep
Why People Unconsciously Have Sex In Their Sleep

Video: Why People Unconsciously Have Sex In Their Sleep

Video: Why People Unconsciously Have Sex In Their Sleep
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“I'd rather sleep than have sex” - after this phrase it is customary to joke about impending old age and fatigue from life. But some manage to combine both at the same time. About one percent of people on earth suffer from a sexual disorder called sexomnia - in a dream, a person has sex or masturbation, and in the morning they often do not even remember about it. Sexomnia is considered a variation of sleepwalking.


In criminal practice, there are several cases when a man was accused of rape, but then acquitted. Doctors have proved: the person did not give an account of his actions, because he was asleep. This happened to the 33-year-old British worker Darren Greenwood.

In 2010, scientists from Toronto reported at the annual meeting of the Association of Sleep Research Societies that unconscious sex is more common in men than in women.

There is no exact data on the number of people living in Russia suffering from sexomnia. But, judging by the numerous revelations on social networks, sex in a dream is familiar to many Russians.

“Girls, do you happen to make love with your man while sleeping? Here you sleep and wake up in the process, and in the morning either he partially remembers, or you,”writes an anonymous user in the Vkontakte group“Revelations from Married”.

A member of the "Overheard vulgar" group on a social network tells an even more fascinating story.

“I'm a sexy sleepwalker. Once I went to bed with a girl with whom I never wanted sex (there were a lot of us, and she put me with her). I woke up on her while she was moaning, immediately got off her and turned away, I was in shock. She also said she didn’t remember anything,”the anonymous author writes.

People suffering from sexomnia admit: they often wake up from the fact that the partner starts screaming and struggling, because sex happens without foreplay and the slightest desire from the opposite side.

Patients are afraid to stay overnight at a party and have children. In an unconscious state, they can stick to anyone, including their own child.

Doctor-sexologist, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Poleev explains: sexomnia is a very rare disease associated with stagnant foci of arousal in the brain.

“Why this is happening, science cannot yet say. Some actions are performed that are not reflected in memory. The deep structures of the brain have not yet been investigated. We know that such a phenomenon exists, and we describe such cases. But we are not even trying to cure,”said the expert.

According to Poleev, other amazing processes take place in the body during sleep. So, men who have been suffering from a decrease in potency for many years sometimes feel a strong erection. It takes four to five minutes, the person may not even wake up. Why this happens - science does not yet know.

Doctor-sexologist Natalya Romanovskaya expressed a different point of view in an interview with News.ru. Unconscious sex can be a form of epilepsy with a short-term loss of consciousness of the patient. At the same time, he can continue to do actions laid down at the level of instincts - to eat, walk and have sex.

Also, the sexologist suggests that sometimes those who want to justify themselves and their unacceptable actions are hiding behind sexomnia. Also, sex in a dream can be a variation of a certain fantasy, which is often supported by both partners.

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