Sexual Boredom: Who's To Blame And What To Do

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Sexual Boredom: Who's To Blame And What To Do
Sexual Boredom: Who's To Blame And What To Do

Video: Sexual Boredom: Who's To Blame And What To Do

Video: Sexual Boredom: Who's To Blame And What To Do
Video: Does a long-term relationship inevitably suffer from sexual boredom? 2023, March

Why, during the period of endorphin love, even the sight of the bare heel of our chosen one turns us on, and after several years of relationship, sex is perceived as something unpleasant, but necessary, like a gastroscopy? And, most importantly, how to deal with it?


How to identify a couple who have been together for a long time? They find a million reasons not to have sex with each other. And not because they don't love each other anymore, just having sex with a permanent partner tends to get boring, and, contrary to stereotypes, not only a man, but also us women, according to experts of the SEKS. RF Training Center Natalya Romanovskaya and Alena Neapolitan.

In women, as a rule, boredom manifests itself more in the form of psychological fatigue. It seems to you that you have already tried this, and so, and that, and bought toys, and wore underwear. Usually, such fatigue ends with falling into a must: “There should be sex, but I don’t want it,” which either leads to the fact that you begin to deny a man intimacy more and more often, or you do it “automatically”.

In men, sexual boredom in a couple always leads to one action - the search for vivid sensations on the side. Men, unlike us, will not reflect on the need to correct the situation. If you're bored, you need to change your partner. This is the easiest way.

Sexual boredom is inevitable in any couple, but not fatal, especially if you know how to deal with it. The main reason why partners begin to "miss" in bed is pheromone addiction. From the point of view of biochemical processes, a new smell is always felt stronger, a new taste seems more interesting, new pheromones excite more.

A woman who is close to a man for a long time eventually becomes a relative, and sexual intercourse with her becomes an “incestuous taboo”.

In Soviet sexology, this transition was more likely associated with a psychological factor and was called the Madonna-Harlot complex (the effect when a woman ceases to be a sexual object and becomes a Wife and Mother, who cannot be wanted dirty), but modern science has found a more “animal” explanation for this. The thing is that over time, a man simply ceases to perceive the woman's pheromones, “loses his scent”. Nature seems to be telling him: "You did everything here, move on." At the same time, a partner can be super sexy, beautiful and desirable. But for other men.

The second reason for sexual boredom is routine and lack of new sensations / impressions. You have tried a lot and, as it seems to you, you have chosen the best option: the optimal position, the optimal place, a certain order and a sexual scenario that is comfortable for both of you. And - voila - sex gets boring after a while, and bed games are reminiscent of groundhog day. Here you can draw a physiological analogue: our body is designed in such a way that if you rub one (even the most erogenous) zone for a long time, the nerve endings are "overwritten" and its sensitivity decreases. So it is with sexual sensations.

How to deal with it

Before trying to fix the situation, you need to admit to each other that sex has ceased to satisfy you. The next step is to find out if boredom is the only cause of dissatisfaction or if other emotional problems are mixed with it, for example, lack of emotional closeness or lack of basic components: protection, reliability, warmth, food, shelter, development of relationships. The third step is to define your own needs and expectations from the "new" sex and the needs of your partner: what and how I want, what he wants and expects. And finally, the fourth is the development of a joint strategy. But what it will be, you have to decide.

This technique is great for those who have lost their sparkle in a long-term relationship. To break through the "olfactory blockade" of a partner, you will have to beat with pheromones to kill. In the phase of boredom, the ability to release pheromones to excite a partner fades away, as well as the willingness to indulge in passion on any surface, and it seems to you that lessons with children, your favorite TV series and ironing are a worthy reason for canceling sex.

To fix this, you can:

- to insert vaginal balls on a special lubricant directly during household chores. Ironing in your performance has never been so erotic, in addition, the pheromones that are released with vaginal lubrication are much stronger than sweat and provoke an erection in a man;

- use artificial pheromone enhancers, for example, Sexy Life pheromone concentrate for women, which acts not only on a man, but also on you;

- practice "acceleration to orgasm", that is, regularly have sex, which stimulates the production of their own pheromones.

Moreover, those in which vaginal sex and orgasm are not the goal. Spend a weekend together in bed or on a wild beach, lie around, massage each other, talk about everything. The main thing here is not to fall into obligation and not get hung up on the need to have sex. If you do everything right, relax, then your proposal to try out the dense thickets of bamboo will find his full approval.

It happens that extinction is completely connected with the stupid and unnecessary everyday habits of partners. Sex under the TV, no foreplay, the same "winning" position - we remove all this with an effort of will and add more sudden erotic sensations. What happens if you pass it with your hand in the bikini area when you are not wearing panties? What if, instead of a grocery list, send him a photo of your three new vibrators? Or put on vibrotrones in "Ikea" and give him the remote control in his hands? It's time to check it out.

It's not just about some new way to do a blowjob or 30 variants of the “rider” pose, but about tuning into a sexual wave, feeling like a temptress. You can learn some technique that will greatly inspire you, thanks to which you will feel like a sex goddess. He will definitely feel it. Add an element of play and "accidentally" leave the brochure from the training "Deep Throat - Easy" on the dresser in the hallway - what a boredom there is.

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