Habits That Rob Us Of Orgasm

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Habits That Rob Us Of Orgasm
Habits That Rob Us Of Orgasm

Video: Habits That Rob Us Of Orgasm

Video: Habits That Rob Us Of Orgasm
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We have already written many times about how not to "screw up" in sex, not sparing html and our fingers. But it turned out that you can make a mistake not only in bed with another person, but also with yourself. Moreover, the consequences can backfire even with the loss of orgasm during real sex.


Natalya Romanovskaya, an expert-sexologist of the popular network for teaching women sexual techniques "Training Center SEKS. RF", will tell you how to avoid such mistakes or "return everything as it was."

Not every masturbation is created equal

Masturbation is certainly a very important part of our intimate life, which helps to develop our sexuality, explore the body and awaken new erogenous zones. But, unfortunately, due to the low level of sexuality education in Russia, many do not know how to properly engage in self-sex.

The source of the sacred knowledge about where to “rub” correctly, so that it’s good, are usually friends who are not very knowledgeable in these matters, who diligently lure us into the “soul and cucumber” sect. As a result of this "solo", many are injured or even alter the natural mechanisms of obtaining sexual release.

How can you avoid this?

To begin with, understand which masturbation is useful and which only brings harm. Sexology distinguishes only two types - adaptive and maladaptive. Adaptive masturbation refers to the type of masturbation in which skills are formed that are then easily applicable in sex with a partner, that is, contributing to the onset of orgasm during intercourse. This is conditionally correct masturbation.

As for the maladaptive, it, on the contrary, teaches your body to experience an orgasm in conditions that cannot be recreated in pairs. Sooner or later, this can lead to the fact that sex with a partner ceases to bring you satisfaction at all.

What actions are related to maladaptive masturbation?

1. Search for "child" orgasm

The most common problem for young girls is fixation on the type of orgasm that they unconsciously received in childhood and adolescence. There are two such orgasms: myocompression, that is, orgasm from squeezing the thighs or gluteal muscles and its subspecies - "sex with a blanket" (the same myocopression, only with the compression of an object between the legs to stimulate the clitoris).

Such an orgasm, by the way, can happen quite by accident, for example, while climbing a tightrope or cycling. The sensation can be so intense that you keep trying to reproduce it and form a neural connection, reinforcing the "contactless orgasm." When having sex with a real man, problems can begin.

Many people even have to turn to sexologists and psychotherapists to get rid of the "tight hips syndrome". So it is better to immediately move away from this type of masturbation, no matter how easy and simple you get an orgasm with its help.

2. Experiments with temperature and intensity that cannot be obtained with a partner

This item applies to those who like to have fun in the shower with or without a nozzle, as well as to those who keep a collection of various monstrous vibrators under the bed, the work of which crumbles the foundation of the house.

Sex toys are great, but they are mainly intended to add variety to the intimate life of a couple, not to replace them with a real partner. If you do not have a partner at a certain period, then it is worth choosing vibrators that maximally simulate the temperature and amplitude of the frictions of a living person.

Otherwise, your erogenous zones will get used to too intense stimulation or fix on a "cold", non-anatomical object inside. This sex pattern literally eats into your neurons, and when He appears on the doorstep, you will not enjoy, but think that the shower head was definitely better in bed. And she didn’t throw away her socks.

3. Masturbation, sharpened only for orgasm

Many people perceive the time alone with themselves as a "masculine type", that is, as an opportunity for quick release. As a result, the orgasm turns out to be faded, and moral satisfaction does not occur. To prevent this from happening, treat masturbation as a body-oriented therapy.

Explore all of your erogenous zones, moving from ears, arms, chest and legs to intimate areas. Find the points U, G, A, K, stroke them with your fingers, changing the stimulation to a light vibration (for this purpose, for example, the Qwirby flash drive vibrator is perfect), then to intensive manual techniques.

How to deal with the consequences of improper masturbation?

With the help of new neural networks! For this there is a universal technique "Bridge". With its help, almost any area of our body can be "taught" to orgasm, according to the principle of working with artificial intelligence (how do you like that, Elon Musk?). The essence of the technique is to "trick" the brain by gradually connecting elements of the "correct" one to maladaptive masturbation and gradually reducing the presence of "harmful" neural pathways.

If you immediately switch sharply from improper masturbation to adaptive, then the orgasm will simply disappear, because the body is already accustomed to receiving its dose of "high" in this way.

For example, if you want to get rid of a shower-driven orgasm, then in the first week you continue your usual ritual while simultaneously stimulating any of the neuroactive points of the vagina, for example, K.

During orgasm, the brain will "remember" the participation of a new element. Next, you just need to carefully reduce the amount of water stimulation, preferably excluding it right before the orgasm itself, and then remove it altogether. Voila, you have a new orgasm.

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