5 Male Names Most Often Lie

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5 Male Names Most Often Lie
5 Male Names Most Often Lie

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Psychologists agreed that men who have certain names are considered deceivers and can lie.


These are not just words, they are backed up by an experiment conducted by psychologist Boris Higir. The experiment involved men aged 18 to 70 years. The main task for them was to tell a story and lie as much as possible.

Of course, not all owners of these names are like that. But if there are these men in your environment, then be on the lookout for them. Here are the results of the descending experiment.


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A man named Ivan is a haleric who quickly reacts to any changes and adapts to them. He is hardy and strong. He is not endowed with intuition, therefore he prefers to lie where necessary.


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The owners of the name Alexander are a confident man, but his frivolity, at times, allows him to compose stories that did not exist. This is a domineering person whose mood changes very often. Alexandra are touchy, if something hurt them, they will do everything possible to be in a winning light - they will even lie.


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Men named Ilya are ready to help everyone who needs it. But their imbalance, emotionality and impulsiveness betrays a person in them who should not be 100% trusted. Often Ilya starts to "turn up his nose" and brag about something that was not in reality.


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Men named Mikhail are not scandalous, they have an analytical mindset. Often they close in themselves and watch what is happening in silence, drawing conclusions and making plans. Often his conclusions lead to resentment and then he begins to behave a little strange and unnatural, for example, coming up with various excuses and reasons not to meet.


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Despite their outward calmness, men named Roman are adventurers. And who knows what kind of adventure he can drag you into by hook or by crook.

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