6 Tips For Morning Sex

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6 Tips For Morning Sex
6 Tips For Morning Sex

Video: 6 Tips For Morning Sex

Video: 6 Tips For Morning Sex
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They say that everyone likes morning sex only in the evening. There is some truth in this: someone claims that he is not at all a person until the first cup of coffee. But look at the situation from a different angle. Sex in the morning cheers you up for the whole day! At least nothing stops you from trying, right? You may find that if you start your day with sex, you will wake up faster and switch to energizer mode.

Rip the curtains

No, this is not a metaphor related to female genital organs, and not a line from a song by the DDT group. One of the main difficulties on the path of morning sex is sleepiness, and nothing will wake you up better than sunlight. In addition, it is delicate enough to highlight your strengths and gently hide flaws.

Use a vibrator

A common problem is when one partner wants sex in the morning, and the second does not. It couldn't be easier! Let one get sex (and orgasm, by the way), and the other get a cup of coffee in silence. Well, or not quite in silence.

In general, if you want sex in the morning - get out the vibrator. You don't have to take it away from the evening. Most importantly, do not forget to put it on charge, so that with the first rays of the sun, please yourself with a portion of orgasms. Who knows, probably looking at you and the partner will want to join.

No sudden movements

So, it's decided! Morning sex to be! One, two, took In general, no. Determination is determination, and you need to start early pleasures gradually. Lots of strokes, foreplay and kissing.

An excellent option for morning sex is the “spoon” pose, when one partner lies behind the other. At this angle, the penetration is not too deep, and the movements are smooth.

Sex in the shower If you are embarrassed by natural human manifestations in the morning (such as bad breath, for example), wash them off with jets of hot water. At the same time, combine business with pleasure: both cheer up and freshen up before work. When having sex in the shower, remember to have a non-slip mat under your feet and a tube of lubricant on hand, as the water ruthlessly washes away natural lubricant.

Without getting out from under the covers

Throwing open the covers, letting the cold air of the morning shake off the nap from you, maybe effective, but completely anti-sex. Better save the heat, the more so it is much easier to achieve orgasm. It even makes sense to put on socks, because scientists have already proven that where there are socks, there is an orgasm.

In general, the prospect of staying under the covers for a little longer than it should be can be very sexy in itself.

Kisses down

If both of you are satisfied with the peculiarities of "morning breath" and nothing about it, that's great! Then you have no limits. If not, you can try alternative sex - more precisely, sex without penetration. Having oral sex, you certainly won't be able to kiss. Or perform mutual masturbation: not only will it seem very hot to both of you, but also getting an orgasm is much more likely than in the classic scenario.

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