Died 18-year-old Tiktokersha-millionaire

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Died 18-year-old Tiktokersha-millionaire
Died 18-year-old Tiktokersha-millionaire

Video: Died 18-year-old Tiktokersha-millionaire

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The family reported the death of the 18-year-old millionaire tiktoker, Dazhariya Quint Noyce.

Beloved Vladimir Vysotsky died after a serious illness

The girl, also known on social media as Dee, passed away on February 8th. The girl's dad, Joseph Santiago, confirmed her death, according to the Daily Star. “I want to thank everyone for the love and support shown to my daughter. Alas, she is no longer with us, now she is in a better place,”he said. The cause of death of the teenage girl, which was followed by 1.5 million TikTok users and one hundred thousand followers on Instagram, has not been reported. The last time she posted a new post with dances on the day of death.

The girl also kept a video blog on YouTube, where she talked about her life and took part in various challenges. She danced for the camera, showed new clothes and actively involved her grandmother in using social networks, who was not always happy with such an active online presence.

Earlier, WMJ.ru talked about a popular Instagram account that suddenly died during pregnancy with her fifth child.

Photo, video: @dazhariaa / TikTok, Instagram

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