How United Russia Congratulated Women On March 8

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How United Russia Congratulated Women On March 8
How United Russia Congratulated Women On March 8

Video: How United Russia Congratulated Women On March 8

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Video: Putin Congratulates Russian Women On International Women's Day 2023, January

United Russia presented flowers, gifts and smiles to women. The festive action "Loved ones not only on March 8" was held in the regions.


Bear dolls - a symbol of the party - took to the streets in the Krasnodar and Primorsky Territories, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Kemerovo and Ulyanovsk Regions to remind the representatives of the strong half of humanity that it is necessary to show attention, love and care for women not only in the International women's Day.

In Kemerovo, fluffy polar bears invited men to take a joint photo, which was sure to include one of the posters - "Your woman's smile is more important than football", "Be a man not only on March 8", "Respect women not only in your home." The women were given bouquets of tulips by the bears.

“We would like to remind all the men of Kuzbass that our beautiful women are always worthy of love, care and attention, regardless of calendar holidays,” said Alexei Sinitsyn, secretary of the regional branch of the party. He recalled that the International Women's Forum was recently held in Novokuznetsk, which speaks of a special attitude towards women in Kuzbass.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the bear gave flowers to women, and reminded men that the weaker sex needed attention and care. Passers-by were happy to take pictures with a life-size bear and congratulate all the women on the holiday.

As Dni.Ru wrote, State Duma deputies were the first to congratulate women on the streets of Moscow. On the eve of March 8, they presented flowers and plush toys to the girls. Alexander Yakubovsky, Vladimir Afonsky, Anatoly Vyborny and one of the most recognizable and colorful deputies Nikolai Valuev took part in the festive street action. The smiles never left the faces of the passing women, who were handed flowers and toys by real gentlemen.

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