Should Women Serve In The Military?

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Should Women Serve In The Military?
Should Women Serve In The Military?

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If during the casting the girls thought that another reality was waiting for them, then once they were on the project, they realized that the jokes were over. To begin with, they were loaded onto a bus and sent to a military airfield in Chkalovsky near Moscow. The girls decided that this was the end of their trip, but in reality everything was just beginning: they were loaded into a military transport IL and three hours later, completely discouraged soldiers, were taken to one military unit. They fell under the command of a real captain who has several hundred real marines. Therefore, no one is going to mess around and make indulgences to the girls separately. The last doubts that this is not a show, and the real army, was quickly dispelled.


The debate about whether women should serve in the army or not comes up from time to time in various discussions. It seems that there are enough men in our country, so girls, if they want to repay their debt to the Motherland, can easily do this voluntarily and on a contractual basis. But sometimes on the Internet, as a rule, on dubious sites with a yellow color, information pops up that the State Duma is preparing a new law on compulsory military service for women. But this is all nothing more than the inflamed, creative mind of local authors who have long since put their brains into clickbait mode.

In some countries of the world, the issue of women's service has been fundamentally resolved. The most famous and well-known case is Israel, where a third of conscripts are women. Moreover, these are not some kind of nurses or cooks, but real soldiers, more precisely, soldier women, represented in the navy, and in the ground forces, and in the aviation. Israeli women can also cut them off from the army if they are in position at the time of conscription or are already mature mothers. And most importantly, women in the Israeli army actually take part in hostilities and can even rise to the rank of general's shoulder straps.

In North Korea, where every first soldier, women are also conscripted. True, they do it separately from men, in special military special units. The laws in North Korea are harsh: tore off a beautiful poster at the airport - get 15 years in forced labor camps. Well, if you are fit for military service, which again concerns every first person, then please give your Motherland 10 years of your life if you are a man and 7 years if you are a woman. And it was also the authorities who made concessions and shortened the service life by three years.

With North Korea, everything is clear - war there is a national idea, and as soon as the external enemy disappears, everything will instantly fall apart. Everything seems to be clear with Israel, the country is in the regime of a permanent terrorist threat and the service of women in the army is simply a necessary condition for survival. But how, then, can one explain the urgent military service of women in prosperous Norway - in a country that in 2019 ranked first in the ranking of states according to the Human Development Index Ranking? There, in October 2014, they passed a law obliging women between the ages of 19 and 44 to do military service for a period of seven months to a year. True, if military barracks there look the same as local prisons, then this service is conditional, it's more like a long vacation in a good four, where everything is included.

If you look at the geopolitical position, then there are no threats around, besides, Norway is the oldest member of NATO. Most likely it is a matter of striving to be equal in rights and opportunities with men. There, apparently, there is no longer a stronger and weaker sex, but there are just men and women doing equally hard and equally light work. If in our country it is difficult to imagine such a situation when a man goes on maternity leave after the birth of a child, and a woman continues to work, in Scandinavia this is quite a common practice.

If we recall the times of the Soviet Union, it becomes obvious that the women of the USSR went much further than modern Norwegians and sometimes performed such hard, male work that they were not only equal to the stronger sex, but even surpassed it somewhere. Soviet women worked as bricklayers, that is, bricklayers, concrete workers, locksmiths, locksmiths, tractor drivers, and so on.

But back to Russia. Now there are about 50 thousand female contract women in the Armed Forces, of which about 3 thousand are officers. There are even three dozen colonels! Girls who have reached the age of 18 and not older than 40 can serve in the Russian army. The only obstacle to serving in the army may be a criminal record. If all parameters are consistent, then you should go to the nearest military registration and enlistment office and submit all the necessary documents: passport, photographs, copies of the work book, certificate and a number of other important pieces of paper. If you wish, you can find detailed instructions on the network and even stories of girls serving under a contract. Next, you have to go through a series of checks: medical, psychological, physical, where you will have to pass a number of standards.

If you are not yet ripe for the army, then you can look at the service from the inside, using the example of "Soldiers". And this is not a feminitive, but the name of the new TNT reality series about young girls who have ended up in military service. But everyday life in the army began quite cheerfully for them and looked more like a summer camp. Initially, they did not even suspect that they would actually have to repay their debt to the Motherland.

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