Oligarch Prokhorov Confessed To A Prostitute In Blueness

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Oligarch Prokhorov Confessed To A Prostitute In Blueness
Oligarch Prokhorov Confessed To A Prostitute In Blueness

Video: Oligarch Prokhorov Confessed To A Prostitute In Blueness

Video: Oligarch Prokhorov Confessed To A Prostitute In Blueness
Video: 'How To Be A Russian Oligarch' With Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov 2023, June

The meeting with the girl who became the legend of the capital's escort began in a somewhat unusual way.


- I will visit you directly from the hospital in Gilyarovsky. I am being treated in this mental hospital. I look at people there and am horrified that they live peacefully among us, - Olga Mozhaitseva admitted literally from the doorway. - Actually, the psychiatrist was categorically against my going to the newspaper. Before you, I went to Andrei Malakhov on "Live" and was not very satisfied with the result. Some of my words were cut out. But I am not offended by Andrey and I ended up in a psychiatric hospital for another reason. My parents sent me there because of insomnia. Plus they are not happy with the fact that I tell everyone how I slept with men for money.

Tall, with a good figure, Olga Mozhaitseva looks like a girl from a magazine cover. You readily believe that it cost $ 1,000 to sleep with her.

- Acquaintance with a client always began in a restaurant, and, frankly, I liked food more than sex. I miss the delicious food now. You can't go to such places for your money, - the girl sighs.

When asked what she gave up on a beautiful life, she gives an unexpectedly frank answer:

- One man presented me with chlamydia. By this time, I realized that there are not so many oligarchs and they are busy. In short, you can pick them up. Apparently, I'm not that sexy. It turned out to be unfit for professional use, and Andrei Malakhov said about me: “Olya didn’t suck.” True, this phrase was cut out from the program. Now I will create my own YouTube channel. Share your experiences.

Olya got into escort services from office plankton. I was engaged in marketing in a large company, building a career, but less than a year later I realized that I could not get up at seven in the morning and run to work every day. At the same time, I met at some economic exhibition with models distributing advertising products. They talked about working as a "live decoration" at glamorous parties.

- You register in the database of models and stupidly wait for invitations to some event in a restaurant, where you should create a festive atmosphere for rich uncles who come there to have fun. All you have to do is be beautiful and walk back and forth, clap your eyes. The organizers of the event hire five or six models, put them at one table, give them a hookah and whiskey and cola as much as you want. The rest is for your money. Working hours from ten in the evening to two in the morning. They pay up to three thousand rubles. I gave half for a taxi, and it turns out that I worked almost for free. Just for the opportunity to be in a cool place among the oligarchs, - Olga explains the basics of the profession. - At one of these parties, I learned from a new friend about the "dinner with a continuation", that is, with sex. She tried it once and was very impressed. She said that the man turned out to be very pleasant and during sex constantly asked how she liked it best. Had a great time and got a thousand bucks.

Double anal on the yacht

It is not customary to talk about their readiness for prostitution among models, but managers usually know which of the girls is not against to earn extra money.

- When you find yourself in the catalog of models, you are constantly receiving emails from different managers, that is, pimps, with a proposal to go to a "dinner with a continuation." The standard fee is $ 1,000. If ready, send the address of the restaurant and the time of the meeting. After a conversation with a friend, I thought, why shouldn't I try, she seemed too inspired by her experience, and I answered with consent to the next such letter, - recalls Mozhaytseva. - And, by the way, after my first time I was also terribly proud, I felt like the heroine of some film.

According to Olga, the girl is usually not shown a photograph of the man with whom she is to meet. They say nice, nice, that's all the information. Almost 90 percent of her clients are high-paid managers and businessmen. But it is not customary to talk about work at such meetings. All conversations are conducted on abstract topics such as psychology, philosophy and literature. The demand for intellectually developed girls is higher, and they often pay extra for the ability to maintain a high level of conversation.

- After dinner - to the hotel or to the client's home. Sex on these dates is always casual. As with your girlfriend. No hint of any particular perversion. The only way out of the box was when I was ordered with a friend.

The main question that initially interested me was: who pays for dinner, so I usually chose tea with ice cream. I remember one very touching moment. A foreigner ordered me. We met in a panoramic restaurant at Swissotel Krasnye Holmy. When the menu was brought to us, he asked: "Please do not order caviar." It was so sweet.

Olga assures that if a girl is aimed precisely at making money, then she must be prepared for tougher options. They, however, are discussed in advance. There are also offers for $ 20 thousand, for example, for a week-long cruise on a private yacht.

- The conditions there are just wild - double anal and the like. It's scary to read what people want,”the veteran of escort services shudders. - Once I was sent to Armenia. They brought me to a large house near Yerevan. The huge table is set for a birthday. Two men are sitting behind him. It all started nicely, and then the leapfrog began. We didn’t get along in character because I don’t drink, and they wanted to drink and have a heart-to-heart talk. They started touching my feet, looking for a wired torpedo. They yelled at me, and then called the driver and sent me to the airport.

Games with sheikhs

One of the most demanded escort destinations is the United Arab Emirates. But those who dream of making millions for having sex with sheikhs often return home incessantly. Such an honor has yet to be earned. Mostly beauties serve the Arabs simply as interior decoration.

- Before the flight to Dubai, the manager immediately warned that there would be no sex and that the sheikhs should not be approached until they themselves called, - recalls Mozhaytseva. - They met me, took away my passport and brought me to a huge villa, where ten of the same girls from Russia and Ukraine already lived. We slept all day, and in the evening we painted, dressed up, and we were taken to some kind of palace, where we just had to hang out by the pool. There were elegantly laid tables, but on the third day I didn't feel like eating at all. Nothing happened. We all just passed the time stupidly: we played backgammon, mafia, crocodile. We didn't talk much with the sheikhs. In my opinion, out of ten girls only one had sex. They try to hide such moments from the rest, so as not to envy. We were taken to the water park a couple of times, to the shops - that's all. Why were passports taken away only?

There are many oddities in this business. Some things I still cannot understand. For example, when I became quite famous as an escort, I was invited to dine with a large company with three more models. We arrive at the restaurant. There is a cute guy sitting there. He says my friends Mikhail, Igor and Leonid will come now. Prokhorov, Vernik and Yarmolnik arrive. My place was next to Prokhorov, and between the dishes I began to pester me with questions why he did not have a girlfriend, a wife, and he answered me: and I am gay. I didn't know if this was a joke or not. But she did not elaborate. I got scared. They then sat separately on the edge of the table and discussed something in their group. I didn't understand why they needed us. Two hours later we were given $ 200 each and sent home. Not like the railroad workers, who arranged a fuck with dozens of models in a huge bathhouse. I even remembered a phrase that one girl there said to me: "These members are tired already."

Not every day there is a person willing to pay $ 1,000. for dinner and sex. In addition, the competition is huge, and sometimes money is needed urgently. And then girls of model appearance have to become the most commonplace prostitutes.

- Nowadays, two-week sex watches have become very common in Europe, for example, somewhere in Hungary. Two weeks is the period of a standard tourist tour, which does not cause any special suspicions when crossing the border, explains Olga.

Such watches became popular after the fall in the ruble exchange rate in 2014, when the European currency almost doubled in weight. True, you will not be able to enjoy the delights of life abroad on such a trip. "Tourists" have to sit in the room without getting out and receive visitors. Two weeks to lie with legs apart in Europe, and then the same amount of waking up in Turkey in an all-inclusive hotel. Many live like this, not returning to Russia for months.

- It's nice to remember a fun life, but we must return to the psychiatric hospital, - Olga was getting ready. - When I think about the fact that all these people live quietly next to us, it becomes scary.

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