Russia Has The Most Beautiful Women In The World: Foreign Footballers And Their Russian Wives

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Russia Has The Most Beautiful Women In The World: Foreign Footballers And Their Russian Wives
Russia Has The Most Beautiful Women In The World: Foreign Footballers And Their Russian Wives

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Salvatore and Caterina Bocchetti


The central defender of Spartak (formerly a player of Rubin and the Italian national team) met his future wife in Mytishchi, the city closest to the club's base. The details of the first meeting Salvatore prefers to keep to himself with the words: "This is my personal life, I would not like to tell." They say that Bocchetti long sought the location of the girl with gifts, flowers and declarations of love in broken Russian - and Katerina could not resist. The couple got married in May 2014, now the couple are raising their son Mario and daughter Grace. For his beloved Salvatore, he bought a house in the cottage village of Novye Veshki and learned Russian, while Katerina mastered Italian. With children, each of the parents speaks their own language, so the kids, as the footballer notes, will grow up to be polyglots.

“Russia has the most beautiful women in the world,” the athlete is sure. - That's why I have a Russian wife. I think that there is no one more beautiful than her."

Luke and Christina Wilkshire

The Russian-Australian union was formed in Novogorsk near Moscow, where future spouses constantly crossed paths. For a year and a half or two, Luke and Christina were friends, but then they realized that they could not live without each other. The first and very unusual date of the couple took place at a car wash, after which the lovers went home to the girl to meet their parents. All family members fell in love with Wilkshire and accepted the man unconditionally. However, the couple played the wedding in secret, going to Australia. Here the spouses still live, raising a son and daughter - they had to move to Wollongong when Luke's contracts with the capital's teams ended. But the footballer managed to become Russified: he fell in love with national dishes and was baptized under the name Luca.

Luke and Christina Wilkshire. Photo:

Christian Noboa and Olga Romanova-Noboa

The Russian career of the Ecuadorian footballer began at Rubin Kazan. The capital of Tatarstan Noboa is grateful not only for the club, but also for the wonderful wife Olga. True, after meeting the girl, the athlete left for his home country with the words that he would probably never return to Russia. But he was mistaken: four months after the first meeting, Christian moved his beloved to him and made her an offer - half in Russian, half in English. Noboa completely took over the organization of the wedding (he even picked up the bride's shoes!), Leaving the chosen one to deal only with the issues of dresses and menus for guests. The lovers got married in Russia, got married in Ecuador, became the parents of two boys. “I took the best man in Ecuador,” said the happy Olga. However, not everything is going smoothly in a couple now: no common pictures, no joint exits, and when asked about her marital status, Romanova-Noboa replies with a request not to force her to make excuses.

Christian Noboa and Olga Romanova-Noboa. Photo:, cristhian_noboa

Anastasia and Florent Sinama-Pongol

Florent is a French striker who played in Russia for only two years, Anastasia is a model from Khabarovsk, and an international family was formed in a third country. “It was at a party in Spain,” the athlete explains. - Nastya worked as a fashion model, and I came to a photo shoot for a magazine. She didn't know anything about me or about football! Now he only watches football on TV! " Having become the wife of Florent, Anastasia, together with her lover, traveled half the world - Sinama-Pongol played for French, American, Swiss, Portuguese, Thai and other clubs. “Russian Rihanna”, as the blonde is called for her resemblance to the singer, does not regret her decision, but misses her native country - once in Russia, Anastasia first orders borscht.

Anastasia and Florent Sinama-Pongol.Photo:

Ari and Natalia Gryzlova

Before meeting the Russian beauty, the Brazilian athlete lived in a de facto marriage with another woman and twice became a father. This fact of Ferreira's biography did not bother Natalia, and the girl reciprocated the man's courtship - an acquaintance took place at a party in Moscow. The relationship developed rapidly: two months later, Ari invited his companion to Brazil to introduce his parents and celebrate the New Year together. There, the lovers became husband and wife.

“It's funny, but what we call a banquet hall is called a buffet in Brazil. Therefore, we can say that the wedding was played in the buffet,”Natalya recalled laughing. - I remember the moment when I go up to Ari and see this sparkle in his eyes, and he says: God, how beautiful you are. It will always be remembered."

Ari and Natalya got married when the girl was already in position, soon the daughter of Ariana Gryzlova-Ferreira appeared in the athlete's family. The footballer does not like the soul in the girl - his microblog is filled with joint pictures with the baby.

Ari's family on their daughter's birthday. Photo:

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