Time Dramatically Changes Women - As Nature Intended: 5 Stages Of Female Sexuality

Time Dramatically Changes Women - As Nature Intended: 5 Stages Of Female Sexuality
Time Dramatically Changes Women - As Nature Intended: 5 Stages Of Female Sexuality

Video: Time Dramatically Changes Women - As Nature Intended: 5 Stages Of Female Sexuality

Video: Time Dramatically Changes Women - As Nature Intended: 5 Stages Of Female Sexuality
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Yesterday she was a romantic shy woman who did not allow herself even a prolonged kiss, but ten years pass, and suddenly you see a hot little thing, ready for dizzying mischief. Sexologist Vitaly AZUROV tells about the milestones in the formation of female passion, their evolution in different periods of life.


This is the age when a woman begins to know her own body and enters into a period of sexuality. Intimate relationships at this time are, first of all, hugs, kisses and tender words. A world full of amazing and pleasant explorations opens up in front of the girl, so each new boyfriend is a kind of experiment.

Commentary of a specialist: “It used to be considered that the age of 18–25 years is the most“loose”in every sense of the word,” says Vitaly AZUROV. - It was believed that this is the time of discoveries and sexual experiments. That is why there is a frequent change of partners, and as a result, the likelihood of catching any sexually transmitted disease is higher. However, researchers have shown that in fact, activity at this age is only awakening.

According to the results of the work of researchers from the University of Kinsey in France, in 20 years the probability of reaching the peak of pleasure in a woman is approximately 50 percent. For comparison: by the age of 30, this figure is around 80 percent. Girls do change partners often, but not out of a desire for unbridled sex. In fact, with many men at this age, the matter is limited only to kissing. A young woman only discovers for herself all the passion of the nights and the embrace of her lover, and she does not know what this area of her life will become in the future. Therefore, the first thing she looks for is intimate security. At each meeting, she hopes to better know the power of her emotions and sensations, to reveal her own sexual potential. And here lies the contradiction that prevents the “bud of passion” from fully blooming: on the one hand, the gentle “Turgenev young lady” dreams of a handsome prince, of a reliable and loving man who will be able to awaken her sensuality. On the other hand, the thirst to know one's own possibilities in the sphere of receiving pleasure is sometimes so strong that it becomes difficult to control oneself. This can generate a protest in the girl - against the upbringing she received, the image of femininity that her mother passed on to her; against the stereotypes of society. Therefore, at a girl's age, it will be better if the partner turns out to be a man a little older and more experienced, who will become the guide of the young lady into the world of pleasure.


During this period, a natural stabilization of desires occurs: a woman knows her body and what needs to be done to get pleasure. Here begins, as a rule, the time of experiments - the acceptance and implementation of their erotic fantasies.

Specialist comment: “Sexologists consider this period to be ambiguous,” notes Vitaly AZUROV. - On the one hand, the main goal of a woman, laid down by nature, is activated - procreation. And a lady can fall into the trap of this powerful urge, perceiving sexual pleasures only as a way of procreation, and a man as a potential father of children. If everything went well, and the child is already there, then the woman fully begins to realize all her secret desires. On the other hand, if something went wrong, it was not possible to have a child and find a person who understands her, then a beautiful lady may be bitterly disappointed.

Mental trauma and unsuccessful relationships can put an end to your sex life. And then the bitterness from unfulfilled desires is reflected in everything: shades of irritation and impatience will appear in every movement and word. It is important not to give up, so as not to become the very "princess in a crystal coffin", doze in anticipation of the prince, who will disenchant and return to the world of the realization of all cherished dreams. After 30 years, it’s just time to collect all your inner strength, direct you to the goal and not go astray. This determination will allow the lady to act and get what feelings and emotions lead to."

* 38–47 years old. ALL ROADS LEAD TO TANTRIC SEX

After 40 years, the desire for amorous pleasures does not go away, but, on the contrary, manifests itself even more. The task of this period is to reconsider and re-evaluate yourself, to find sources of sexual energy and direct it in the right direction.

Expert commentary: “At 40 this age becomes a kind of“borderline”in sexuality,” says Vitaly AZUROV. - Children are growing up, but grandchildren are still far away; life is built, and now you can calmly deal with yourself, your body and desires. Sexual adventures are in the past, now a woman thinks not only about passionate impulses, but also explores the entire emotional component of pleasure. By the way, if the lady had never even experienced an orgasm before, then after 40 years this may well happen, because now nothing distracts from the process.

Relationships in the genre of melodrama are not very interesting for a mature seducer. Only pleasure becomes the main thing in an intimate relationship, and if for this it is necessary to do something new, unknown, then this turns on even more. The main condition is that the woman herself must want it. Her desires, needs and fantasies are what a mature lady cares about first of all. Also, a woman has a need to combine intimacy and spiritual hypostases. Women are actively exploring the practices of Tantric sex. Thoughts come in about the connection between love, sex and what we call life energy. And if this succeeds, an incredible surge of inspiration comes - the apotheosis of the attraction to life!"


Accepting the changes in the body while still feeling sexy is the daunting task facing a woman in these four challenging years.

Expert commentary: “The period from 47 to 50 years is the shortest in time, only four years, but extremely important in the development of one's own sexuality,” notes Vitaly AZUROV. - A woman seems to sum up what she has lived through: first, there is a desire to plunge into youth again, to become the same as at 20. Enhances this feeling and the feeling of impending old age. It is at this age that a much younger partner may suddenly appear - as an attempt to return the rebellious spirit and romanticism of 20-year-olds. The lady looks back at her past, overestimates her relationship with her partner. Did you manage to realize all your dreams over the years of marriage? Is she really good in bed with this man and does she want to continue? If the answer is no, the case may end in divorce, even despite decades of marriage. Having experienced nostalgia for the past, a woman feels a new, unprecedented rush of thirst for a full life."


Signs of impending wilting are becoming more and more obvious: menopause, decreased sexual activity, irreversible changes in the body, tides of powerlessness are accompanied by bouts of anxiety, and despondency is replaced by irritability. However, this is not at all the end of intimate pleasures. You can get enchanting pleasure from caresses at any age.

Specialist comment: “Menopause always brings with it the fear of aging,” warns Vitaly AZUROV. - But it is important to understand the nature of these worries, to accept them, but not to dwell on it. The hormonal background is really changing, you want sexual pleasures less and less. But how their quality increases! Most of all, during this period, sensations and feelings that can shock are desirable. The main thing is to accept parting with youth and learn to calmly relate to the present.

The surprise that nature has prepared for a woman at this age is postmenopausal orgasms. In terms of brightness, they cannot be compared with any pleasure that she experienced before. It is important not to write off yourself to the archive, which is what our mothers and grandmothers sinned at this age. Then depression can literally cover the whole essence, forcing one to think of oneself as an already "obsolete material". If you take care of the health of the senses, then intimacy will organically and easily fit into life. The sexuality of a woman at this age is primarily in her head, in her own feelings and the image in which she sees herself."