Best Novels About Feelings

Best Novels About Feelings
Best Novels About Feelings

Video: Best Novels About Feelings

Video: Best Novels About Feelings
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Agatha Lel "Unbroken"

To everyone who believes in a happy ending

Red-haired Alexandra has already promised herself many times to start life anew, forget disappointments and not let anyone in her heart or soul. But can love be subordinated to will? An amazingly thin, light book written in beautiful language. There is only one "but". Having closed the last page, you will immediately want to return to follow the heroine again - step by step. Enjoy a really cool love book.

Lisa Jewell

"I am watching you"

To everyone who loves deep books about love

The New York Times publishers called the novel unexpected, intriguing, and clever. It has absolutely everything that is needed for the heart and mind. Deep feelings, subtle humor, magnificent landscapes as part of the narrative and its scenery. A magnificently twisted intrigue, unfolding gradually, will allow the reader to trace how the spiritual world of the heroes is changing.

Olga Joker

"Who's on top?"

To everyone who believes in friendship

The old refrain about the fact that there is no friendship between a man and a woman is complete nonsense. The relationship between Diana and Daniel, who have known each other for a long time and understand each other perfectly, are rather friendly. But, when one day they were drawn to each other like a magnet, they could not resist their feelings. I wonder what the new level of relationship will lead to? After all, it is possible to love without reciprocity, but not to be friends.


Kolochkova "Daddy's daughter"

To everyone who brings up a student with a complex character

One of the most difficult female archetypes, who, on the one hand, clearly know what they want from a man, but are too demanding on the other. Escaping from the care of a domineering mother, the heroine, unexpectedly for herself, suddenly begins to repeat her mistakes. But Polina has a chance to find her own way and defend the right to independence in everything. And even if no one believes in it, except for her, she will cope!

Bibi Easton “44

chapters about 4 men"

Anyone who wants adventure

Bibi, whose sweet, well-to-do life can only be envied, begins to keep an intimate diary of memories of his stormy youth. The husband accidentally discovers him and To rectify the situation, on the advice of a psychologist friend, the wife begins to splash out her erotic fantasies on paper. Meet the Knight, the bully Harley, the rock star Hans and the perfect Ken. And we are waiting for the reaction of my husband.

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