The More Sex, The More Happiness?

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The More Sex, The More Happiness?
The More Sex, The More Happiness?

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If you have more sex, then you will have more happiness, right? Yes, if you remember dozens of old studies on sex that say sex increases your levels of happiness. And not if you are aware of new research that suggests otherwise.

Old knowledge about sex

So, if you don’t remember what happened in the scientific world before, then we will remind you. There have been a number of studies that have argued that frequent sex is good for your mood, happiness, and life. This was discussed, for example, by Swedish behavioral economists who surveyed 16,000 adult men - the study group confirmed that sex once a week is better than sex once a month, and not just better, but is equivalent to $ 50,000 in a bank account (the whole life was taken into account, of course). In another study, this time an American one, behavioral economists surveyed 1,000 women who, for the most part, associated the word “pleasure” with the word “sex,” in other words, sex is pleasure and nothing else. A similar survey was conducted at the University of Texas and it also found a strong connection between sex and pleasure.

In general, if everything is so good with sex, then why believe some report from Carnegie Mellon University, about which you probably have not heard anything at all? Then, that this university compared the happy feeling of sex with the frequency of sex. The results were interesting.

Go home and have sex twice as often!

The Carnegie Mellon Institute analyzed the sex lives of 32 couples. They all had sex at least once a month. The analysis of the data was aimed at understanding the degree of quality and satisfaction from the relationship. Having recorded the results, the scientists advised the unfortunate couples to have sex twice as often. That is, if they practiced 3 times a month, then they should have practiced 6 times a month. If they had sex 6 times a month, then they should have had all 12 times a month. The results showed that groups of people who lived the same sex life were happier than those who started fucking twice as often.

Quantity versus quality

Alas, the researchers from Carnegie Mellon were a little naive in their conclusions - too straightforward. They asked for more quantity, but quantity is not equal to quality. The reality is that for most couples, sexual frequency is the result of fairly lengthy negotiations. When you meet a girl for a year, you have sex 10 times a day all year, but when this period passes, then feuds begin over the amount of sex. One partner almost always wants more sex than the other, and this leads to big problems. That is why the results turned out to be with a minus sign and not a plus sign. Our culture is very interested in the frequency of sex. We are obsessed with her. We constantly ask ourselves the question: "Do I rarely have sex or is it normal?" We compare ourselves to other couples, our past. We, especially men, are very afraid that someday we will not have sex, and indeed it will happen one day. However, sociology is an amazing science, and it can give us statistics on which all people can rely. If a couple consists of people who are under 40 years old, then on average they have sex three to four times a month (younger couples, of course, more often). If a couple is over 40, then people have sex two to three times a month. And, of course, if you are a 50-year-old man, and you and your woman are suddenly told that you have to have sex 5 times a month, then the erotic balance of the relationship can be shaken, and it becomes possible to expose happiness and sexual satisfaction to attack.

Action plan to improve sex

Okay, if the amount of sex doesn't make sex better, then what should we, ordinary men, who somehow want high-quality and frequent sex with their women, do? The answer is simple - we need to make women want to have sex more often, and for this we need to change the attitude towards sex in general, and not in particular. Warm-up in bed Before you bare your loins and get down to business, try to "tune" your woman. Hug her, have a glass of wine with her, chat with her, massage her legs - this will relax her, which will benefit all sex.

Be sure to take a shower. You can take a shower together with your friend, or you can separately - not the point. You must be clean in order to feel confident and, of course, so that you do not smell like sweat and borscht - this will not excite your girlfriend. Hygiene is a prerequisite for sexual intercourse.

Erotic mood You will not believe, but the notorious candles on the table, erotic music, light light - this is not an empty romantic dregs, but a strategy that really positively affects the quality of sex. Use it.

Do it like in classic porn If you compare "classic" and what is being filmed now, then you will see a big difference. In modern pornography, 95% of the time is spent on demonstration of genitals - hard sex. 5% of the time is in foreplay. In the classics, things are different - there the directors placed great emphasis on preparing for sex, sensual acting, a kind of romance. Actually, you need to be inspired by the classics. First, foreplay warms up women. Secondly, foreplay helps maintain your erection.

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