How To Earn Respect From Alphas When You're A Virgin At 25

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How To Earn Respect From Alphas When You're A Virgin At 25
How To Earn Respect From Alphas When You're A Virgin At 25

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Hello editors, thanks for being alive. Quite a bit with you, but I stick every day and several times. Where to donate? So, here is my question-story A virgin at 25 and I'm not even worried about it, BUT these assholes, who for some reason pretend to be sex aggressors and sex machines, poison me at the first opportunity. Themselves far from the image of alpha males, even though they are married. How can you tell by outward appearance that I have never had a girlfriend? I want to fix this so that they stop bullying, because I'm not going to continue to have an intimate relationship with the opposite sex, and I'm not gay, and I have never kissed or even went on dates. And it's not a small penis or financial insolvency, although my salary is not bad. But there is no car or housing. Even if this was in abundance, it is unlikely that I would change my lifestyle. Rather, there are some kind of cockroaches in my head. No, of course, I like girls, I like to look at beautiful and well-groomed girls, and not very much either. But that's not pulling me to communicate with them and something more. Probably, I already missed my train when my peers began to squeeze girls in the entrance at the age of fifteen. And, again, it doesn’t hover me, or so it seems to me. So how not to give yourself away, because there is no point in lying that I am a fan of “walking to the left” - I’ll still sleep?


Young man, what's the matter with you? How do you need to live in order to come to such a life? Of course, the choice is yours, but how far you need to turn "the wrong way" so that at 25 you won't be going on dates and asking such questions? Is it a child's psychological trauma? Or complexes, coupled with self-doubt, made you take a vow of celibacy? We do not laugh and scoff at your choice, everyone is free to go crazy as he wants, in the end, you will not have to be disappointed in women, and learn the bitterness of betrayal. But there should be a logical explanation for everything, even Wasserman abandoned carnal pleasures in favor of knowledge and science. Hans Christian Andersen became a great storyteller, and Gogol, who told right and left that he did not need women, did not need separate introductions. But you are not married to Tesla science, who was satisfied with discoveries and inventions. You're just a creepy, insecure, mediocre guy who seems to have given up.

We would advise you to work on yourself and get to know the other side of life, where you can not only look at well-groomed girls, but also touch them. At least once, at least with a prostitute. Believe me, life after sex changes dramatically, and things wake up inside you that you did not know about before. After all, you simply convinced yourself that you do not need anyone, it’s much easier for you. Every person has a chance, Steve Buscemi and Denny de Vito succeeded, despite the fact that outwardly they are not handsome. But what charisma! That's what you need to work on if the mug doesn't come out.

We would advise you to try, after all, women radically change their worldview and life. But if you are from that rare cohort of unexplored mysteries of nature called asexuals, if your unwillingness is not the result of complexes and self-restraint, but a natural phenomenon, then there is nothing to do. We will not dare to pity you, because you, asexuals, and without a hot girlish body are good at your side. You live a fulfilling life, why should you feel sorry for you. I beg your pardon, but people are not sorry if they have no hair or a different skin color. Sometimes they make fun of them, but they somehow don't care. Although if you joke about the skin color of the angry guy from the Bronx, he will shoot you.Yes, for most people you are like a miracle of nature, like bearded girls or boys with a dog's face, but if you are comfortable in this state, then what should you be ashamed of? Can you at least stand up for yourself? In general, how does this happen? Do you meet a man, do you communicate and immediately start talking about women? Some kind of nonsense, where do you find such infantile personalities? If they are your friends, then talk to them seriously. Perhaps you cannot penetrate into the womb of a girl, but you must take it by the breasts and talk seriously. And if these people are strangers, then it all looks very strange - it feels like you live in a country of anxious. I’ll tell you more, even my married friends don’t start talking about intimate things. Usually, in conversations about women, one talks, and the other listens. If you do not start such conversations, then just assent, for example: “And what is she? How is she? Well done!". You don't need to tell or improvise anything. If you ask ridiculous questions like, “How did you do this? How long does it take?”, Then you give yourself away. It is difficult to determine by external signs, since virgins are often similar to neurasthenics. Squeezed, poorly dressed, with excitement communicate with women and terribly notorious - is this about virgins or about losers? Here we are about the same. We are more than sure that your enemy is language. What advice can I give you? Do not devour women with your eyes, be confident, even if you are talking with the opposite sex, and do not hang out in companies where, apart from sex, they do not talk about anything. That is, communicate with older people. Well, if there are none within the radius of view, then you have to either lie or deliberately keep your distance with new acquaintances.

It is very easy to figure out a preoccupied virgin. Nervous, all the talk about sex and about women, despite the fact that he does not understand the topic of conversation at all. He looks at women - like a predator at prey, and when dealing with them looks like a moron. If you have this set, then you are not asexual, but a notorious, insecure fool. The body requires closeness, the mind requires feelings and satisfaction, so buy yourself at least a prostitute, otherwise problems cannot be avoided, as well as offensive jabs from others. Yes, we insist that if the matter is in complexes, and not in natural asexuality, then your only chance is to join the Order of the Holy Member.

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