The Star Of The Series "Project" Anna Nikolaevna "Marusya Klimova:" I Would Definitely Not Marry A Robot! "

The Star Of The Series "Project" Anna Nikolaevna "Marusya Klimova:" I Would Definitely Not Marry A Robot! "
The Star Of The Series "Project" Anna Nikolaevna "Marusya Klimova:" I Would Definitely Not Marry A Robot! "

Video: The Star Of The Series "Project" Anna Nikolaevna "Marusya Klimova:" I Would Definitely Not Marry A Robot! "

Video: The Star Of The Series "Project" Anna Nikolaevna "Marusya Klimova:" I Would Definitely Not Marry A Robot! "

The service record of the actress Marusya Klimova includes such series as "Call DiCaprio!", "Policeman from Rublyovka to Beskudnikovo", "Mylodrama-2" and dozens of others.


One of the last - "Project" Anna Nikolaevna "- in this series Klimova played the girl Nastya, head over heels in love with Major Pozharsky (Anton Filipenko).

And, perhaps, the story of Nastya and the police officer could have reached the registry office, if not for the rival - an android girl who arrived to serve in the local regional department.

The series will begin on TNT on June 15 at 21:00.

About how the shooting went, how difficult it is to be a "comfortable" girl and how to build a relationship with a robot - Marusya Klimova told in an interview with the portal. You can't make a mistake yourself - you can't understand Marusya admits that there were relationships in her life when she turned out to be just “comfortable” for a man Photo: TNT

Marusya, tell us about your heroine Nastya? - My heroine Nastya is such a collection of the characters of our Russian women. A person who falls in love completely and irrevocably, and tries in every possible way to prove to his beloved that only she suits him.

It seems to me that in my Nastya, many recognize themselves. I think every woman had similar feelings and the same thoughts as my character.

Another thing is that this is still a cinematic character, so in the series everything happened to her at once, many events and turns. But I am sure that there are definitely such women in life. This is what I tried to show on the screen through the role of Nastya. - According to the script, she is in a relationship with Pozharsky, but these relations are strange: they exist when it is convenient for a man. Such an eternal expectation. How do you feel about such a relationship in real life? - I even had a similar relationship, when it seemed to me that they were about to begin to become normal. Now, with the passage of time, I understand that they would not have become normal. But the moment is very difficult to understand.

You love a person so much, and it just seems to you that he does not understand you a little, that you need to hint, wait.

So what if only cutlets come to eat, but it comes! And he comes to me. And that's how you think that now everything will be. But in life, unlike movies, there are often no happy ends.

Now Marusya has a rule - you need to get pleasure from any events in life Photo: TNT - What advice would you give to girls who turned out to be not loved but “comfortable”? - A difficult and at the same time easy question. I would like to say that you need to listen to your friends and family, who will tell you for sure that this is not your person and that he will never be with you.

But the fact is that we never listen to anyone. And until you make a mistake yourself, you will not understand it.

Therefore, advice: survive and go through it all! Listen to your heart, and understand that such an experience is also needed for something. Maybe understand something about men, about yourself. In general, to live, to enjoy everything. Orgies and a package of toys for adults Marusya delighted fans, hinting that it is worth waiting not only for the second season of the popular TV series Photo: TNT

- The series received a very high rating on the kinopoisk. Can viewers wait for a second season? Will your character finally meet true love? - I know the creators have big plans. I can't tell you about them, but there will be many surprises (and this is not only the second season). - What was the atmosphere on the set of the Anna Nikolaevna project? - Our group, our acting team, recovered insanely for me. It was very exciting and pleasant for me to work with such honored actors, masters of cinema and theater Sergei Garmash and Irina Rozanova. And our troika - Zoya, Anton, me, and Anton Vasiliev, who plays the role of Svishchev - is a great partner. There were a lot of funny moments. - Share interesting details that remained behind the scenes: funny scenes, one hundred takes of one frame, etc. - I will never forget how fun it was to shoot the moment when my heroine Nastya offers Pozharsky an orgy. At the moment when she has already agreed to everything!

She just wants to understand what this strange person needs. And Nastya comes to him with a bag full of toys for adults.

I did this scene on audition, but it was written in a slightly different form. I had to take these toys out of the bag and show them. And it was very funny. But in the end this version was not taken into the series, they decided that it was too much.

And when I was again handed this package, I did not understand the purpose of many of the items at all. The men around me laughed at me.

And on that day, scenes with extras were still filmed, there were a lot of people. There, too, there were "experts" on such things who took part in this discussion.

In general, they enlightened me, and it was all very funny, of course! But viewers will see a stripped-down version of this scene. Robots among us But Marusya is not ready for a relationship with a robot Photo: TNT

- Recently there was a series "Better than people", also about robots in everyday life. Do you think humanity is ready to live side by side with them? Would you agree to marry such an unusual man? - The other day I read an article that a group of young scientists in Russia has created a robot - a woman who talks, answers questions. This is completely artificial intelligence.

And 89% of people who tested it did not understand that it was a robot! That is, it happens here and now. The robot kept up the conversation with a voice, and people do not even understand that they are not a human being. This makes it a little scary. I certainly would not marry a robot. I'm not ready for this kind of relationship.

More recently, the film "Imperfect Man" was released, where a woman buys a robot for herself and falls in love with it. I certainly would not be able to!

Although now there are people who buy dolls for themselves and live with them, this is a kind of fetish. Science is progressing very rapidly, we live in a world where we cannot even explain some things.

For example, I recently visited friends, there was a smart speaker. So, when I brought my phone to her, they not only synchronized, but also made such sounds that it felt as if they had really “talked” in some language!

That is, absolutely automated subjects understood each other. This is all amazing, of course. But it is near, and it is already there!