Psychologists Explained What Sexting Is All About

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Psychologists Explained What Sexting Is All About
Psychologists Explained What Sexting Is All About

Video: Psychologists Explained What Sexting Is All About

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Video: A psychologist explains how important sex is in a relationship 2023, January

Psychologists at the Texas Tech University in the United States have found that people who engage in sexting (sharing personal photos and intimate messages) do it for reasons not related to sex.


Experts conducted a survey in which 160 users, aged 18 to 69, took part. It turned out that two-thirds of the participants are sexting for non-obvious reasons.

The study demonstrated three main motivations, and only one of them is directly related to sex - when photos and messages of an intimate nature are used as a preparation for subsequent sexual relations, that is, as a prelude to sexual intercourse.

In other cases, people engage in sexting to convince a partner that everything is in order with their relationship, or in the hope of getting some kind of reward for it. In this case, the "reward" may have nothing to do with sex. Scientists cite a dinner together as an example.

The experts also noted that the above motivations do not depend on the gender, age and sexual orientation of a person.

One of the study's authors, Joseph Kerrin, believes that sexting demonstrates how sexual intercourse between partners has evolved. If earlier people wrote love poems and letters to each other, today couples prefer to exchange erotic content. With the popularization of photography, this has become especially relevant, the psychologist emphasizes.

The researchers note that they studied sexting between love partners and only by mutual consent.

“As with any sexual behavior, it is important and necessary to obtain consent to have sex,” says Kerrin. "Sending pictures of your genitals without the permission of the other person is not sexting, but sexual harassment."

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