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Instructions For Mistresses
Instructions For Mistresses

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Video: Instructions For Mistresses
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Having sex with only one woman your whole life? Sounds awful. Most men have either casual affairs on the side, or a constant mistress. Instruction for sex on the side. Many men believe that love and sexual relations are different concepts. 90% of guys have affairs on the side. Especially for them, family sexologists offer simple and effective practical instructions.


A man should know the preferences of his girlfriend on the bed. You need to ask about them in advance and not bother her with calls over trifles. For example, what to buy for dinner or tea.

Women like men who are able to independently choose what they like (food, drinks, clothes, women).

Visit for sex

When a partner wants sex, he goes to visit his mistress. When visiting, you need to behave correctly. Do not wrinkle and stop at the most interesting place. A woman needs to show her desire with kisses, hugs, foreplay.

In sex, rush is not needed. Many guys visit their mistresses for only a couple of hours and they are told about it, barely crossing the threshold. They may not like this turn of events. Girls can lose interest in partners and leave them.

Many men enjoy fast half-hour sex games. Women love games too. But for them, sex does not start immediately, but in advance, say, with conversations, kisses, hugs.

Play with me

You need to play with your mistresses, be interested in them and their bodies. In games, interest is important, a lot of physical contacts and a leisurely pace.

Women like it when men look after them, hug them when appropriate (in cinemas and restaurants).

A man should be active and understand that sex for a mistress begins long before she prepares for it. It is better to spend one evening with her than several short meetings. He will leave more pleasant erotic memories and will definitely please both.

Cons of fast sex

Fast sex can be fun and passionate. It can start right in the hallway. But 10 minutes of the allotted time may not be enough. The woman will have to wait another evening.

The extravaganza of sensations will not be fully received this evening. Therefore, a man will have to fulfill desires and fantasies several times in a row on other days if he prefers quick sex due to being busy at work. But even a quick start has to be romance, passion and love. Let's start with my orgasms darling

A woman, in whatever status she is, dreams of passion and orgasms. A man should have the strength and ability to meet girl's needs. He needs to know what they like and what they don't.

Many girls like to use toys from an adult store during intimacy, and to watch "strawberries" is rather the opposite.

Mistresses do not always like to start games with a blowjob. They prefer new poses and experiments, handcuffs, ropes and disguises. But if they get everything they want in sex, they will certainly reward them with the same coin.

If a woman flirtatiously refuses sex, then she needs to be convinced and conquered. To do this, you need to find an approach to it. It is important to distinguish between a playful rejection and a persistent no.

Every lady has secret desires. You need to know about them and treat them with understanding. It is worth trying new role-playing games and other entertainments during carnal pleasures. Both of you might like them!

Sex went well

Lovers must be treated properly. Otherwise, they will be overcome with doubts about your secret dates.

Men should not leave their mistresses immediately after sex. Despite the fact that they are calm about such absences. At parting, you can give them pleasant tenderness - kisses, hugs, caresses. They can end a date and get another opportunity for a passionate meeting.

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