How The Standards Of Male Beauty Have Changed Over 100 Years

How The Standards Of Male Beauty Have Changed Over 100 Years
How The Standards Of Male Beauty Have Changed Over 100 Years

Video: How The Standards Of Male Beauty Have Changed Over 100 Years

Video: How The Standards Of Male Beauty Have Changed Over 100 Years
Video: How standards of male beauty have changed over the last 100 years 2023, October

1900s - Athlete


Men of this time period were not at all shy about showing their body, especially if everything was more than attractive. The fair sex was thrilled by the fit wrestlers and athletes. Not surprising at all. 1910s - Dandy

An impeccable suit was what attracted attention. But not only clothes with a needle attracted attention, but also a dashing mustache. 1920s - TV star

Male beauty could now calmly come out of the shadows, it became possible for her to fully enjoy with the appearance of close-ups. And by that time there were claims to the appearance of men: a clean-shaven chin, brilliantly combed hair, bold eyebrows.

1930s - Adventurer

Our hearts demand change. So it was in the 1930s. The ladies got bored with the "licked" elegance, the effect of negligence in the external appearance began to gain momentum. Clark Gable is a prominent representative of that time. 1940s - Brave Warrior

The war did its job, it could not pass without leaving a trace without leaving an imprint on the ideals of male beauty: a courageous soldier means a strong man, behind whose back it is not scary. Women are subconsciously looking for a protector. The sex symbol of that time was Jean Mare, then multifaceted personalities were in the price. 1950s - Sexual Rebel

The oiled revolt now seems somehow ridiculous to us. After the war, the people wanted to forget about the war as soon as possible in order to fully enjoy life. There was no person who did not then talk about Elvis Presley. What could be better when a person combines the two wonderful qualities of singing and looking good? 1960s - The Eternal Boy

The second wave of feminism was launched, birth control pills were invented, hard rock … The time of youth and undying optimism. What attracted women in the 60s was the clean, open look, light smile and delicate features. 1970s Testosterone Athlete

The time has come for real men, Arnold Schwarzenegger ascended Olympus. In women, it blows away at the sight of a pile of muscles, and men imitate and run to the rocking chair. 1980s - Athlete

The fashion for athletic men with a sculpted torso and a tanned body, like David Hasselhoff of Rescuers Malibu, does not pass. A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more interesting. 1990s - Seductive rocker

The sleek, pumped-up handsome men were replaced by men who are indifferent to their appearance. Kurt Cobain is the personification of the male beauty of this period. Loose hair, torn clothes, messy. And on top of that, thousands of female fans around the world! 2000s - Metrosexual

The era of male self-care is metrosexuality. Of course, in the opinion of many, men went too far, getting involved in this process, but David Beckham's hairstyles are still not forgotten by anyone! It was enchanting. 2010 - Hipster

The second decade of the millennium is striking: thinness, light unshaven, vintage items, tattoos, glasses and a stylish gadget. 2020 - Brutal lumberjack

Our time - masculinity is back in fashion! Pumped-up bearded men visit barbershops en masse. The motto of many women now is "You have a beard, I'll tell you yes!"