Why You Don't Have An Orgasm And How To Fix It: Advice From A Gynecologist

Why You Don't Have An Orgasm And How To Fix It: Advice From A Gynecologist
Why You Don't Have An Orgasm And How To Fix It: Advice From A Gynecologist

Video: Why You Don't Have An Orgasm And How To Fix It: Advice From A Gynecologist

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You've probably come across statistics about those 57% of lucky women who have an orgasm almost every time, and you just can't finish or do it so rarely that you can count these happy moments on the fingers of one hand. Together with the gynecologist, the editorial staff of WMJ.ru decided to investigate the medical causes of this problem. Read more in our material!


Let's start from afar: according to the International Association of Urology, sexual intercourse of satisfactory quality lasts … 2 minutes.

It is clear that the figure is an average, but in such a short period of time it is difficult for even an absolutely healthy woman to get an orgasm. So we will not write off the male factor. And now for the good. Modern gynecology has methods that will allow a woman to get enchanting sensations even for such a short intercourse. Of course, there are a number of medical factors that can cause orgasm failure.

Hormonal imbalance

The intimate area is estrogen-dependent. She is very sensitive to the lack of female sex hormones. With a deficiency of estrogen, the amount of vaginal lubrication produced decreases, which is why sexual intimacy can cause discomfort, up to injury to the intimate area. Such traumas are well remembered and form a negative attitude towards sex in general, phobias may even develop. In other words, the medical cause becomes psychological.

Of course, the gynecologist will be able to suspect estrogen deficiency directly at the reception. After the appointment of the appropriate tests, treatment will be prescribed to correct the hormonal background.

Anatomical features of the intimate area

The first question that the gynecologist will ask at the reception is: "What kind of orgasm are you not experiencing?" Perhaps we are talking about vaginal orgasm, which many women are not available throughout their lives, or maybe there is a request to return the clitoral orgasm, which was available earlier, but at the moment is difficult to achieve. What structural features of the intimate area can be a hindrance to achieving orgasm?

Changes in the clitoris

As you know, getting a clitoral orgasm is much easier. But with age, the intimate area changes, as well as, in fact, the face and body. Sometimes something as trivial as ptosis in the hood of the clitoris can take away your sexual pleasure. It is not difficult to correct this problem. You can do this with the help of contour plastics - injections of hyaluronic acid fillers of different densities. In this way, you can change the position of the overhanging hood or raise the head of the clitoris. You can also resort to surgery by removing the hood in whole or in part, freeing the clitoris for stimulation.

Inaccessibility of the erogenous zone on the anterior wall of the vagina

By making the vaginal wall more accessible for stimulation, you can get an orgasm even for a short intercourse, and even if your partner is not too skillful. For this, again, the contouring procedure is suitable. A filler based on hyaluronic acid is injected into this area. Its density depends on your sexual activity. If you often have sex, then it makes sense to choose a thicker filler. What is the point of such a correction? The sensitive area of ​​the vagina (conditional point G, the existence of which has not yet been proven) becomes more convex and accessible for action. With the stimulation of this zone, it is just the same to achieve a vaginal orgasm.

An overstretched vagina

This problem is often faced by women after childbirth. An increase in the volume of the vagina, stretching of its vestibule cannot provide close contact with a partner, which is why the pleasant sensations during intimacy are significantly reduced. There are several ways to adjust this feature:

- Laser rejuvenation. The procedure is performed transvaginally. Due to the action of the laser, the vagina is lifted, the mucous membrane of this zone is renewed.

- Contouring. Provides a narrowing of the vaginal opening. This area has a very playful name - the orgasmic cuff. Many women want to correct this area in order to get the same closure effect that allows them to regularly reach vaginal orgasms.

- Thread lifting, or thread lifting. Subcutaneous insertion of sutures allows you to create an orgasmic cuff, as well as to ensure complete closure of the perineum and labia. As a result, it is possible to achieve a narrowing effect.

- Training of the pelvic floor muscles. An excellent addition to gynecological procedures. This will strengthen the muscles that support the tone of the vagina from the inside.

As you can see, modern gynecologists have a lot of ways to help you achieve incredible sensations during intimacy with your loved one. If you are having difficulty getting an orgasm, not only a sex coach or psychologist, but also a doctor can help you.

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