Seven Types Of Moscow Men Are Listed

Seven Types Of Moscow Men Are Listed
Seven Types Of Moscow Men Are Listed

Video: Seven Types Of Moscow Men Are Listed

Video: Seven Types Of Moscow Men Are Listed
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Journalist Zinaida Pronchenko listed seven types of Moscow men in a column for "Moskvich Mag".

As the first two types, the author singled out the "intellectual of the old school" and "the intellectual of the new school." The first, in her opinion, is a man over forty years old with inherited real estate within the Boulevard Ring. Such a Muscovite is not well-groomed, often drinks and is fond of the humanities.

The second type, the journalist writes, is a poor young man over thirty years old who lives within the Third Ring Road. He works in the media, museum or charitable sector and loves to "dump all his problems, from the Oedipus complex to housing insecurity" on women.

The most promising case Pronchenko calls "IT specialists" who have a reliable job with the possibility of career growth and emigration. “He always looks older than his years, he is not accustomed to hygiene. He is interested in politics and travel to third world countries,”the author writes, adding that this type of man sees women only as friends and loves to dominate conversations.

Another type is a "clerk and individual entrepreneur", an apolitical man who is fond of "rocking chair, barbecue and Comedy Club". According to the journalist, such a man is ready for marriage and sees a mistress and mother in his companion.

The author singled out "non-Russians" as a separate type. Europeans and Americans living in the capital are, in her opinion, "muddy types"; immigrants from the Caucasian republics are sexists, she concludes.

Another type of Muscovites are officials and mini-oligarchs, who have already "almost all been dismantled." Such men look expensive, but bad, and have no interests other than discussing business.

To the latter type, Pronchenko attributed the "statistical error" - the residents of the capital, who "intelligently exploit negative charisma, masterly abuse and morally destroy." According to the journalist, they appear in the lives of women when they arrange life with one of the above types.

In December 2019, it became known that over the past two years, men began to turn to psychologists more often. According to the specialist, males are more inclined to restrain emotions and are more likely to discuss problems associated with internal conflicts with a psychologist.

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