Girlfriend Mistakes In Relationships That Piss Guys Off

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Girlfriend Mistakes In Relationships That Piss Guys Off
Girlfriend Mistakes In Relationships That Piss Guys Off

Video: Girlfriend Mistakes In Relationships That Piss Guys Off

Video: Girlfriend Mistakes In Relationships That Piss Guys Off
Video: How to Piss Off Your GF 2023, June

The editorial staff of found out what men do not forgive, even if they apologize a thousand and one times.


Taking offense is a favorite hobby of most women. A great chance to be an actress: throw a scandal, explode like a volcano, pour hot lava of love around the apartment and burn your man. Just so that he was in good shape.

How women get offended

Even 30 years ago, women smashed dishes and threw things from the balcony. Today you block him on social networks and all kinds of messengers, cry on a friend's shoulder in a hookah bar, walk in sexy lingerie, while depriving him of sex. And it doesn't matter what he did - he threw his socks in the middle of the room or flirted with another. You will “punish” all the same, so that from now on it will be discouraged.

Yes, women are more emotional. Men are not sophisticated in their resentment. He will shut up and leave. Maybe the bedroom. Maybe a bar with friends. And silence And now you will not have time to look back, as you collect his socks and call back.

Why is this happening?

A bit of biology. As far as you know, the left hemisphere of our brain is rational and the right hemisphere is emotional. When your man was still a boy, testosterone influenced the development of his brain and stimulated active growth of the left hemisphere. Therefore, men are calmer, more logical and are rarely guided by emotions.

I understand men one hundred percent

Some women think that way. Such "super-minds" have formed myths and stereotypes. And they are happy to "advise" their girlfriends about the male half of humanity: "What are you doing! Men don't like it!”; “He will not take her on because she is hysterical”; "This handsome man does not suit this simpleton."

Word-of-mouth marketing works, misconceptions spread from one oiled mouth to another. But more often than not, these "smartest" women are wrong.

What a man doesn't forgive: a woman's point of view


Oh, how mistaken is the opinion of women: they say, a worthy man wants to see only an intelligent girl next to him. And "fitonyashki" are needed only for sex. Do you really think - if a woman doesn't know what blockchain and sublimation are, she won't build a great relationship? In fact, the main thing in a woman is femininity, smile, charisma. And the ability to listen. This is what "fitonyashki" can boast of, who silently smile, winding a blond curl on their finger. Therefore, millionaires often have "stupid" beauties in their wives.

A man does not choose according to his mind, except perhaps a "rogue" who wants his wife to earn money on her own or be a 50/50 girl. I'm not saying you need to take your two master's degrees in the trash right now. Read between the lines. A man needs one who does not bother, knows how to listen, smiles, a cheerful and light woman. And what difference does it make whether she reads Dostoevsky's volume before bedtime or watches Dom-2. Favorites ". But he does not compost his brains after work, helps to forget about business, with one click switches to rest and family.

Inside, we are all Supermen who are eager to perform feats for you women. But in return, we expect recognition of our masculinity. And after a hard labor battle, we dream of home comfort and tranquility. If you want to be smart - sign up for a philosophy course.

Bad taste

Girls notice in each other everything to the smallest detail: a tasteless bag, and a dress from the collection before last, and even an unfashionable shape of eyebrows. And they think that it is obvious to men too. Forgive me, but if a man wears a Rolex, it does not mean that he will identify Chinese louboutins. And it is unlikely that she will compare your hairstyle over there with that fashionable haircut of the young lady at the next table.

Yes, in your form, there must definitely be logic. We do not understand the "war paint" and smokey ice at 9 am. Are you on alert? You've already lost the fight

We read the general picture of a woman: her image, femininity, neatness, elegance. It is important for us that a woman is harmonious in her appearance and radiates tenderness. It is not necessary to wear expensive dresses - some girls know how to be feminine even in jeans and a T-shirt.

What about the neckline?

Short mini and seductive bulging shapes look seductive, that's a fact. But what does this appearance say about its owner? That's right, about its ease of accessibility and frivolity. Clothing style signals the world who you are. Therefore, if you broadcast aggressive sexuality, the woman will be treated accordingly. They will want to take from her what she offers. And then you say that there are only goats around

Excessive drama

Dispelling the myth that men hate emotional women. Some men are impressed by the violent manifestation of emotions, playfulness and expression. In moderation, of course!

It is important to understand that drama has to be artistic and sexy. And most importantly, a woman is simply obliged to finish the game on time and fade out. And not play out the 5th act. If you feed a man expression in small portions, then it will be perceived as a delicacy. And not like a trough of hot borscht on your head.

Tearfulness and dramatic brain drain will not please a man. And skillfully managing your emotions will spice up your relationship.

Window dressing

When a man is in love, he will close his eyes to many wrongdoings. But remember: “being smart” and “being smart” are two different things. We are ready to forgive a woman for showing off and showing off if she is fleeting and looks nothing more than a woman's prank. Such a line between wisdom and the ability to pretend to be a fool. If you manage to keep the balance, the man will be yours.

A really smart woman knows when to speak and when to remain silent. He will quickly get tired of the excess of chatter, pretense and sharp tongue of his partner. Men do not need to strain in communication. He wants to rest with you morally.

By the way, window dressing is not only intellectual. Some women give the world beauty, even when they don't ask for it: disperse, Vika does a twine on the bar counter with a glass of half-drunk whiskey in her hand. Sometimes it works, if he is really interested. The main thing is not to make a tradition out of it.

Moving on to the male point of view: 8 things men don't forgive women

Remember: self-esteem comes first for a man. Love is second. Even a rogue follows this order. If you do not agree, think about it: would you fall in love with a person who allows you to wipe your feet on yourself?

Never make a claim in public. Even constructive criticism should be spoken quietly in your ear. Not every man is ready and tete-a-tete to listen to your moral teachings. Often with this - and completely kill the relationship. And it's not about vanity. In the eyes of a man, you will become a Judas in a skirt.

I will explain. A man is a warrior who fights against society every day for a cozy place in the sun. The beloved woman inspires: motivates to go into battle and gives ammunition. If you put a spoke in your wheels, you will quickly become a "stranger". To some extent, this is even treason. And he will not forgive you.

Not a single "I love you" can compare with the phrase: "Honey, you are so courageous!" If you do not see him as a man, and occasionally also state out loud that he is "like a woman" - do not expect anything good in return. The man will behave according to your expectations. And then he will give up for the sake of the one who will not doubt his masculinity. You say, "Another goat." But if you repeat the mistake, such "goats" will appear more and more often on your way.

My personal observations show that women are more likely to forgive cheating. Why do you think? A little excursion into the male brain: we change because we lack feelings, impressions and admiration. He is missing something in the family. If a man cheats on drunkenness, then this is a double search for sensations: "to make it good and easy."

While cheating on a woman is a serious step, there is an internal conflict. So, a man cheats by chance, and a woman - rationally.

It is not a constant, but it is more often than not. A woman is cheating with all her being, feelings. And we men feel it. Therefore, we cannot forgive the blow to male pride. Remember the undermining of masculinity? It's all about the same thing.

A man, as I said, is a warrior by nature. Total control and an attempt on freedom of choice is regarded as an infringement of his ego. If a woman is notorious and stuffed with fears, she will be jealous, check the phone, throw in baseless accusations and climb into her pockets while he is in the shower. Jealousy will turn the warrior into a toy soldier who is played and put at the checkpoint by 21:00. As a rule, jealousy is accompanied by endless scandals, clarification of the relationship - who is hiding in a notebook under the name "Zhenya Sis". And even after you find out that this is Evgeny the system administrator, you will find a new reason for jealousy.

Jealousy is a sign of selfishness. The desire to possess is superior to the feeling of love. A normal man understands that in this case you love yourself more than him. Who needs it?

When you compare your man with your friend's husband, work colleague, brother, you seem to say between the lines: "He's cooler than you, and you're not good enough." If you don't think your man is the best, then why are you with him? Thus, you do not respect him, yourself and your relationship in general. He will get tired of comparisons and simply leave you. Somewhere in the world there is a woman who will admire him one hundred percent.

Someone will always be smarter, richer, more beautiful. And you too! Imagine if he said that your friend's eyes are more expressive, and your neighbor's legs are slimmer than yours?

When a girl is weak, she is afraid to say directly, to be guilty, to ask a man. Wagon and cart manipulation options: manipulate feelings of pity (a woman achieves what she wants with tears and tantrums), parental feelings (with the help of children), shifting blame onto another (she messed up herself, but skillfully translated the arrows), and so on. These games are exhausting. A man who is already tired at work feels like a puppet in a puppet theater. If he is normal, he will not allow himself to be pushed around. And love won't help. I am convinced that where there is manipulation and drama, there is no place for love and healthy relationships.

Do you not like that his mom gets into your relationship, and your uncle calls you "darling"? Count to ten. Don't force your man to be in the middle of two fires. Relatives are not chosen. If you attack, any man will defend "his". This will not reflect in the best way on your relationship. If he's a mama's boy, that's a separate topic of conversation. In any case, talk constructively about his loved ones, discuss the situation, but not people.

On the way to his goals and dreams, every normal man has ups and downs. If in moments of failure you throw phrases from the series "This is a failed idea" or "You still won't succeed" - you will definitely lose it. We are looking for support in the woman we love.

As Henry Ford said: “I don't care who I will be in the next incarnations. The main thing is to have my wife nearby! By the way, Ford started out as a humble mechanic for 11 bucks a week. No one believed in him when he was digging in the barn, inventing a new engine. Nobody but his wife

Don't be afraid to be wrong. Be afraid to repeat mistakes

The trick is not to step on the familiar rake. Many girls wonder why they come across the same men. Because you make the same mistakes in relationships. Because you listen to the advice of "experienced" friends, you believe in stereotypes. You think sex can smooth out any wrongdoing. Capable, but once or twice. It may sound trite, but give men femininity and get masculinity in return. What you give is what you get - a simple law of the universe.

The video below shows a vivid example of how you can't behave with a man, unless, of course, you want him to regret having met you.

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