Maria Aronova First Showed Her Grown-up Daughter

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Maria Aronova First Showed Her Grown-up Daughter
Maria Aronova First Showed Her Grown-up Daughter

Video: Maria Aronova First Showed Her Grown-up Daughter

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Previously, the star shared only archival pictures with the girl.


Actress Maria Aronova a few hours ago shared a family photo on her Instagram page. On it you can see not only Maria herself, but also her husband Yevgeny Fomin and their common daughter Seraphima, who has already grown up. Note that the actress began to post photos on Instagram only in February of this year. Since then, the star has shown several pictures with her daughter Seraphima, but they were all taken several years ago. Now, finally, the actress has shared a frame in which you can see how the girl has grown. Note that now Seraphima is already 14 years old.

My favorites ️ Have a nice day everyone, - signed by Maria Aronova.

“Is your daughter so grown up?”, “Is it really Simochka? "," Sima has grown and turned into a beauty! ️ "," Sima is stunningly beautiful! "," Wow, what a beauty she has grown up, and she is really big! " ", - comment the subscribers of the actress.

Indeed, until recently, Maria posted such photographs with Seraphima:

Recall that Maria Arnova has two children. In 1994, she gave birth to a son, Vladislav, from her first husband. And in a relationship with Yevgeny Fomin in 2004, she had a daughter, Seraphima. For a long time, the couple lived without official registration of marriage, but this year they decided to legalize their relationship. By the way, Maria's son has already managed to make her a grandmother. His daughter Antonina was born.

Photo: Instagram @ aronovamaria_

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