Clairvoyant: "This Girl Completely Took Over Johnny Depp's Heart"

Clairvoyant: "This Girl Completely Took Over Johnny Depp's Heart"
Clairvoyant: "This Girl Completely Took Over Johnny Depp's Heart"

Video: Clairvoyant: "This Girl Completely Took Over Johnny Depp's Heart"

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Saona is sure that the actor will marry a new lover

Johnny Depp was spotted on a double date with Tim Burton. The Hollywood actor in November 2019 parted ways with 21-year-old Pauline Glenn, a dancer originally from St. Petersburg. Since then, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star has not been seen in female society. However, now there are photos on the Web in which Depp is captured together with a mysterious beauty, whose name the tabloids have not yet been able to find out. It is only clear that the girl has black hair and she is clearly younger than Johnny. Whether Depp will be lucky in his personal life this time, decided to ask the clairvoyant and tarot reader Saona.

“I can say that this girl completely captured the heart of Johnny Depp. She is madly in love with him. All of this is now in the early stages of their big, lifelong romance. They, one might say, found each other. They have mutual understanding, attraction, sex, respect. This pair is energetically suitable. There is an invisible thread between them. The fact that she is younger is great for him. With her youthful energy, she will push him to deeds. He will not only want to live with her, but also create - and get up to it. He will have a rise in his career, and, of course, he will have another success, "- Saona began.

“As for his exes, at the peak of new relationships, old ties will also begin to emerge. At this moment, all the former at once want to return him to themselves, to arrange and start the relationship again. We can say that everyone will attack him at once. But I do not see on his part not the slightest desire even for elementary communication,”the clairvoyant believes.

“Later, a magnificent wedding awaits them. This high-profile event will be covered by many media. Their couple will be together for a fairly long period of time. There is also childbearing in their union. I can say: no matter what they do from the outside and no matter how much they want to destroy their marriage, you don't even have to try - no one will succeed. They are destined to be together from above. According to karma, Johnny Depp was supposed to have such a life partner who would add warmth and comfort to his life,”Saona concluded.

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