The Guy Got 19 Girls, And This Is The Most Daring Life Hack In A Love Story

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The Guy Got 19 Girls, And This Is The Most Daring Life Hack In A Love Story
The Guy Got 19 Girls, And This Is The Most Daring Life Hack In A Love Story

Video: The Guy Got 19 Girls, And This Is The Most Daring Life Hack In A Love Story

Video: The Guy Got 19 Girls, And This Is The Most Daring Life Hack In A Love Story
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A guy from China lost his job and decided to provide himself with a large fortune with the help of rich women. The life hacker began to wear fake designer clothes and set up a special social media account. 19 wealthy Chinese women bought into the trick, but now the life hacker will have to answer before the law for the relationship with each.

Police in China's Changzhou City District have launched an investigation into the crime of a man named Tang who has been charged with major fraud. Although cheating for the sake of profit is common in any country, the incident was different from the others, because it was based on a real harem created with the help of social networks.

Tan's story began in 2017, when a man worked as an alcohol promoter and suddenly lost his job, tells the Daily Mail. After being fired, he did not return to his usual way of life, but came up with a cunning (and unusual) plan to make money.

To begin with, Tang started a page on social networks, where, according to the police, he began to pretend to be "a rich guy." Online, the man turned into the real son of his mother's friend, and ordinary photos helped him in this.

"He put on fake designer clothes and started wearing 'expensive' [fake] bags," the journalists explain.

When Tang changed from a poor promoter to a promising rich man, he began to attract more women. At the same time, potential partners were not poor - the daughters of officials and wealthy entrepreneurs.

In the end, by 2019, Tan had 19 girls whom he took turns asking for dates and with whom he was in, at first glance, ordinary romantic relationships. The man went to the meetings in the same supposedly expensive outfits, and at the same time begged for large sums of money from the “beloved”.

One of the first to come to the police with a complaint about Tang was a girl named Wang. The woman explained that during the relationship, she gave her boyfriend several hundred thousand yuan (one yuan is equal to almost 10 rubles) for personal expenses and allowed her to use her car. And he suddenly took it and disappeared (along with the car).

The situation in which Wang found herself would not have been so terrible if she had not had time to get pregnant and give birth to Tang.

"He always dressed expensively and seemed so well-mannered. He was very kind to me. He talked me out of abortion when I told him that I was pregnant with him."

Soon, a regiment of those who were officially injured by Tang arrived - a girl named Yang contacted the police. She told the investigator that she met the guy through the WeChat messenger and lent him 150 thousand yuan (almost one and a half million rubles), allegedly for business development.

Tang lied to Yang that he was a graduate student at a local university and had not been in touch with his parents for a long time. To convince the girl of his wealth, the man gave her a ring with a fake five-carat diamond.

Police detained Tan on March 22. During the interrogation, the man admitted that he really cheated the girls for the sake of money.

"I couldn't even afford to dress expensively. Fake clothes seemed like a great solution to me."

Since then, 17 more girls have complained about Tan, so that the list of his achievements stopped at 19 victims. Now law enforcement officers have to deal with the stories of all the women and investigate the case to the end.

Scammers who trade on dating sites are becoming an increasingly serious problem in China, although they are subject to the country's criminal law. Every year, police arrest gangs of men who extort money from women in love.

Earlier, a blogger from Britain showed how easily the image of a person on social networks can deceive subscribers. To do this, he needed only a graphic editor, and the envy of tens of thousands of people was provided.

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