Numerologist Explained Why Akinshina Will Not Return To Shnurov

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Numerologist Explained Why Akinshina Will Not Return To Shnurov
Numerologist Explained Why Akinshina Will Not Return To Shnurov

Video: Numerologist Explained Why Akinshina Will Not Return To Shnurov

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Video: Сергей Шнуров и Оксана Акиньшина снова вместе. 2023, January

We learned what the stars are in the near future.


The news of the divorce of 31-year-old movie star Oksana Akinshina and producer Archil Gelovani became a bolt from the blue for fans. The couple formalized their relationship in 2012. The couple have two children: 5-year-old Konstantin and one-year-old Emma. It would seem that nothing can destroy this family idyll. In the photo and video on Instagram, all these years, the star looked happy and peaceful, as she finally found her female happiness after long ordeals. Recall that Akinshina until the age of 15 met with actor Alexei Chadov, then the shocking frontman of the Leningrad group Sergei Shnurov appeared in her life. By the way, their age difference is 14 years. But this did not bother Oksana at all. On the contrary, the actress was flattered that such an adult man was next to her. In 2008, the artist met her future husband Dmitry Litvinov. A year later, they had a son, Philip. Further in the life of a woman, a charming handsome singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov appeared. She met with him for about a year.

Recently Akinshina posted an open statement on her Instagram, which she never did through social networks: “Apparently, it has become fashionable lately! And probably better than dirty newspapers with false information! Therefore, I inform myself about my divorce from my husband! I hope everything goes smoothly, quickly and does not harm the children! Dear girls, do not hang your nose! You are the best, needed, important and loved ones! Think only about what's good for you!"

The fans immediately began to support Oksana: “Be happy! Good luck and love "," Better to get a divorce than to suffer "," That's right."

Those who closely follow the artist's microblogging were also noted. Fans remembered that a few days ago Akinshina posted a photo with her love of youth Sergei Shnurov, where she literally shone with happiness.

“You fit together like no one else”, “Happiness with Shnurov! Now everything is in its place”,“I saw you and Sergei before. I couldn't stop looking at you. It would be great if you could get along,”the fans rejoice for the stars on the social network.

In acting circles, they say that Akinshina and Shnurov can converge again. After all, the musician himself recently divorced his wife Matilda. And now Oksana, either as a joke, or just to stir up rumors, wrote on the social network under Sergey's photo: "Well, everything is yours." As if this couple were getting ready to reunite

“Oksana was born on the day of“strict control”with a rare program,” says numerologist and expert Klara Kuzenbaeva. - She has two “thousandths” of fame, as they say in numerology. Usually people have one. Akinshina's career will never end. The artist will always be successful, as she is lucky from birth. She is categorical, ambitious, and often shows pride. Can be oppressive towards loved ones and even get depressed. Laziness is present. However, her strong-willed nature easily copes with this. It should be noted that Akinshina is a very intelligent woman, she has brilliant analytical skills. And she needs a smart man too. Perhaps, with Archil, the star was not interested. Anyway, Shnurov and Golovani are not her halves. By the way, both Archil and Sergey are also owners of the "thousandth sign". It's not worth talking about Oksana's return to Sergei. If people with the “thousandth sign” part, they never return to the past. I will say one thing: Cord is waiting for a new round of glory. At 47, he will become a father. Also, an actress can get pregnant within a year, only she needs to pay attention to her health.

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