The Most Beautiful Girls In Russian Football In

The Most Beautiful Girls In Russian Football In
The Most Beautiful Girls In Russian Football In

Video: The Most Beautiful Girls In Russian Football In

Video: The Most Beautiful Girls In Russian Football In
Video: Beautiful Girls in World Cup 2018 - RUSSIA 2018 - FULL HD 2023, October

We recall the most beautiful, brightest and most impressive girls in Russian football, who were included in our section “Beauty of the Day” and not only this year. If you missed some of the articles, you can see the very cream. We watch, enjoy and wish everyone a Happy New Year.


Ekaterina, wife of the goalkeeper of the Russian national team and CSKA Igor Akinfeev

Igor Akinfeev was named the best goalkeeper in Russia in 2017. The CSKA goalkeeper continues to be the first number of the national team and his club. Catherine supports her husband in everything. Let's wish Igor more dry matches in the new year, and happiness to the whole family.

Anastasia, bride of Lokomotiv midfielder Dmitry Tarasov

Dmitry Tarasov last year broke up with his star wife and active participant in show business Olga Buzova. But he was not bored alone for long. Tarasov began dating Anastasia Kostenko. Anastasia is famous for the fact that in 2014 she became the vice-miss of Russia. This year the couple will get married. Let us wish the bride and groom to say “we are happy” less and feel more happy.

Tatiana, wife of Ufa goalkeeper Alexander Belenov

Last year, Ufa goalkeeper Alexander Belenov married the beautiful Tatyana, who immediately took her husband's surname. The girl constantly goes to the stadium to cheer for her husband and spends all her free time with him. Reliable support for the goalkeeper and just a beauty. We wish the young family happiness.

Diana, wife of the defender of the Russian national team and CSKA Georgy Shchennikov.

In the match against Benfica, Georgy suffered an ankle injury, and his wife Diana supported him during this difficult period. They met at school, and it is high time to make a film about them about wonderful family relationships. Let's wish George health, he definitely has someone to return to the field for.

Sofia, wife of the captain of "Krasnodar" Andreas Grankvist

Granqvist became the best footballer in Sweden in the past year. After the 10-year hegemony of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it did happen. After the awarding ceremony, the captain of the "bulls" allowed him to joke about his wife that he would sleep with the cup for a couple of days, and not with her. So that Sofia does not get upset, we wrote about her in our section. Let's wish the Swedish family in the new year to sleep together without any awards and cups.

Lera, the bride of the Krasnodar midfielder Joaozinho.

Lera will soon make Joaozinho the main gift - she will become the mother of his child. It was after the news about this event that she got into our heading. The couple should be getting married soon. Lera goes to all home matches of Krasnodar and supports her future husband. Now there will be more personal fans of Joaozinho. We wish them all the best and patience - it is always necessary for young parents.

Anna Galay, employee of the press service of Lokomotiv

The cutest blonde in the Premier League has not yet married, but continues to work for the benefit of her beloved Lokomotiv. Anya flies with the team all over the world. She is not afraid of the frost of Khabarovsk, or the men's team, or the long journey in a noisy carriage. We wish her and Lokomotiv not to slow down in the new year.

Alina, Kuban fan

Alina Chusalina became Miss RFPL back in 2011, but she reminded of herself again by supporting the #KubanZhivi campaign. In January, the club experienced great financial problems and could cease to exist. We do not know what helped the team more - Alina's photo or the money that the leaders of Kuban found. The club is alive and well in the middle of the FNL table. Let's wish Alina to rejoice in the victories of her favorite team in the new year, and not to save her from death.

Ksenia Delhi, kind cheerleader

Supermodel Ksenia Delhi donated 1 million rubles to a needy fan, Uncle Misha from Krasnodar, to build a house. She personally flew to the meeting in the city. Many people participated in the #domdlyadimishi project, but it was Ksenia who donated more than half of the required amount. Let's wish the whole football world and the whole planet more such good deeds!