Alexey Vorobyov And His Women: How Many Beauties The Singer Conquered

Alexey Vorobyov And His Women: How Many Beauties The Singer Conquered
Alexey Vorobyov And His Women: How Many Beauties The Singer Conquered

Video: Alexey Vorobyov And His Women: How Many Beauties The Singer Conquered

Video: Alexey Vorobyov And His Women: How Many Beauties The Singer Conquered
Video: Алексей Воробьев и Виктория Дайнеко - В последний раз // Cover Jeanette: Porque Te Vas 2023, October

"Hinted at a new relationship" - this phrase is often adjacent to the name of Alexei. As soon as Nastya Kudri, TV presenter Veronica Romanova, model and reality star Gioconda Sheniker and many other young ladies are next to the singer, they are immediately included in the list of his romantic victories. Vorobyov is called one of the main ladies' men of our show business, but that the singer himself answers philosophically: “If I were not a man of a public profession, but, for example, worked in a bank, no one would have paid attention to my personal life. All men up to 30 years old, until they get married, are carried away, get to know the world, communicate with women."


The first, youthful love of Alexei was Yulia Vasiliadi - the soloist of the ensemble "Uslada", where the guy himself performed. The lovers were separated by the distance: Vorobyov soon moved to Moscow, and the couple's feelings cooled. Over the next years, recognized beauties could not resist the singer's charm: actresses, singers, models. Alexey himself really loved only once, as he admitted in an interview several years ago, and he was deceived. The guy's ardent heart was broken again last year - his second serious love ended in betrayal.

Who are these beauties who have romance with Alexei Vorobyov? And who was credited with a relationship with an enviable bachelor? Let's tell!

Anya Chipovskaya

“When our romance began, the beautiful Anya hadn’t even gotten her first role in a big movie,” the singer said about his relationship with the star of Russian films. A year and a half of unrequited courtship, a date, seven months of living together - this is how the romance of the artists developed according to the recollections of Alexei. Anya herself prefers not to talk about the time she spent with the singer.

Anya Chipovskaya and Alexey Vorobyov. Photo: Globallook

Oksana Akinshina

The blonde actress conquered Vorobyov with the image from the movie "Hipsters", he was her favorite cakes. The young people met on the set of the film "Suicides" and soon became more than just colleagues. The novel, reminiscent of Alexei of fireworks, was stormy: a rapid start, business trips interspersed with joint weeks, quarrels, several partings and the decision to let each other go. By the way, for the sake of Akinshina, Alexey parted with his previous passion - who it is remains a secret.

Oksana Akinshina and Alexey Vorobyov. Photo: Globallook

Victoria Dayneko

A month ago, a graduate of the "Star Factory" sang together with Alexei the lyric-romantic song "I will always be with you" - the number was accompanied by intriguing hugs and touches of young people. But, no, the beautiful couple did not reunite. And the artists met in 2011 and stayed together for a short time - a little less than a year.

Victoria Daineko and Alexey Vorobyov. Photo: Globallook

Anna Gavlak

The girl who starred in Alexei's video for the song "I just want to come" is not just a guest actress, but his former passion. Young people were a couple in 2015 and could not stand the distance test, already familiar for the singer. But they remained friends: it was Anna Vorobyov who called when his beloved betrayed him - about this episode a little later.

Natalia Gorozhanova

Two years ago Sparrow drove 16 girls crazy at once - in the "Bachelor" project. Natalia became the finalist of the show, and the ring from the main character was intended for her. But - alas and ah - the girl admitted that she did not love Alexei. That's the end of the fairy tale. By the way, the season with Vorobyov became the "hottest" in the history of the show: the singer's acquaintances with contenders for victory were repeatedly accompanied by kisses and sex.

Natalia Gorozhanova and Alexey Vorobyov. Photo: frame from the show

Diana Ivanitskaya

The same fatal girl who broke Vorobyov's heart a year ago. According to media reports, it was the brunette who dedicated an emotional post in which he compared the girl with a lady of easy virtue. Apparently, we are talking about treason - it is such a betrayal that the artist could not forgive. Relatives, work and dog Elvis-Melvis helped the singer to heal the emotional wounds.

Miss "x"

Last birthday - at the beginning of the year, Alexei "turned 30" - the singer celebrated happy and in the company of a mysterious blonde, the picture with which he signed with a short "Mine". And after a while I posted another personal shot depicting intertwined male and female legs. Again, someone could not resist an attractive man!

Mona Lisa Sheniker

The latest news about Alexei's personal life came from America in mid-June. According to close friends, the singer met a spectacular blonde while filming a video for his track "Millionaire". After finishing work, Alexei was seen more than once with her in restaurants and in the movies. The 32-year-old chosen one of the singer is called Gioconda Sheniker - viewers know the beauty from the show "Vacations in Mexico", where she took part.

Alexei prefers not to comment on his personal life, usually talking about his love after the end of the novel. But he willingly shares his ideas about the woman of dreams. quotes from interviews with the artist of different years.

The ideal girlfriend of Alexei Vorobyov - what is she like?

I've always liked girls in dresses, girls are really feminine.

Age doesn't matter, I had a relationship with a woman older than me.

My girlfriend should be able to say no. It is necessary.

Over the years, I began to appreciate the intelligence in girls. After a week, you will get used to her body, appearance, voice, look, but if you are interesting and fun with her, you will never get bored with each other.

A man does not need a beautiful doll, he needs a personality. The person who will inspire, for the sake of which he will move forward.

The only thing that I do not accept in women is the desire to dominate in relationships and try to lead a man.

In my personal life, everything is arranged so that I am in charge. I have two options: either the woman acts according to the principle “I listen and obey,” or … it’s no other way.

The main feature, without which it is impossible to live, is humor. Nothing else matters when in love.