Named The Type Of Women Who Will Have Crazy Sex In The Year Of The Ox

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Named The Type Of Women Who Will Have Crazy Sex In The Year Of The Ox
Named The Type Of Women Who Will Have Crazy Sex In The Year Of The Ox

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Named the type of women who will have crazy sex in the Year of the Ox

It turns out that not all types of sex are equally acceptable in the coming year of the Ox. In this matter, the personal preferences of the owner of the year are very important - his symbol (he is a totem sign). And the White Metal Bull in this sense is very contradictory - on the one hand, he is domestic, rural and in love affairs prefers a conservative idyll. On the other hand, he is a formidable participant in the bullfight, ready to wind the matador on the horns because of some red rag.

"MK" has figured out how to love each other in the new year, so as not to anger his symbol?


“In the coming year, family values ​​acquire a special meaning,” warns the witch Isolde. - Not only moral and educational, but also purely practical - in a pandemic, a person can feel safe only among the closest, trusted people. Any contact with a stranger, casual acquaintance - and the consequences are unpredictable. And the constant expectation of a "sentence" - if you got infected, did not get infected, if it will carry you, will not carry it - this is eternal stress, which sooner or later undermines our immunity. Many, by the way, purely intuitively understood that now is not the time for sexual promiscuity and diversity in general. Among my clients there are several inveterate ladies' men who could not cope with their addiction to the constant change of partners. Whatever they did, but with the same woman they could adequately "perform" in bed no more than two times. But a sense of self-preservation is a great thing! Now they all live and sleep with legitimate wives, like cute little ones, and everything works for them as it should.

But, according to the witch, despite the fact that the owner of the coming year for his devotion to one partner and monogamy in bed, he does not like monotony and boredom there:

- In principle, the Ox is supportive of female enthusiasm in bed - provided that it is shown exclusively in a narrow married circle. At the same time, relaxed and experienced vamp women do not seduce him and even annoy him, the Ox prefers "domestic heifers" - that is, calm, cozy husbands' wives. This is his main contradiction: he expects a bed bullfight from a quiet, uncomplaining wife. And without special training and rich experience, only a woman who truly loves a man can do it.

So, according to the witch, the White Metal Bull advancing on us is for love and loyalty. In addition to licentiousness and betrayal, there are still three important things that the Bull does not tolerate in the intimate sphere so much that he is ready to "wind on the horns" for them. To prevent this from happening to us in the year under his control, let us remember them right now:

Sacrifice. When one of the partners seems to be doing a favor to the other, the Bull is reminded of how his relatives are being led to the slaughter. He begins to get angry, and nothing good will come of a bed duet, where one person portrays the victim.

Uncertainty. Frightened, confused and unsure of himself, the bullfighting matador evokes in his opponent the bull not sympathy and a decrease in aggression at all, but a new surge of rage. The bull does not tolerate those who have already got involved in a bullfight, and then dropped their hands right there. Therefore, if we have already reached bed, then bring the matter to the end, and do not be tormented by doubts from the series "What if he leaves me?" or "What if she marries me?"

Distracting maneuvers. Someone likes all sorts of additional toys in bed - goods from a sex shop, edible underwear and other intimate pranks, but this only distracts the Bull and makes him angry no worse than a red rag. In a woman in erotic red lingerie, he sees only the female body. 50 shades of passion is not about the Bull, in this sense he is simple.But he is stubborn, hardy, and if he has already taken up something, he will certainly hold on to it to the end.

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