Stars Who Oppose Monogamous Relationships

Stars Who Oppose Monogamous Relationships
Stars Who Oppose Monogamous Relationships

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Not everyone is ready to spend life with one partner and believe that marriage is forever, and hobbies with other people is a betrayal in relation to a loved one and, in general, licentiousness. Some stars, for example, openly talk about their negative attitude towards monogamy.


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johannson met with such handsome men as Jared Leto and Josh Hartnett, had affairs with older men - Benicio del Toro and Sean Penn also could not resist her charms, and was married twice. The actress left her first husband Ryan Reynolds, breaking his heart. Scarlett's second husband was the French journalist Romain Doriac. From Doriac Johansson gave birth to a daughter, Rose, a couple of years later she decided to divorce and stated that she did not consider monogamy a natural form of relationship for herself.

“I have been married several times and I can say that marriage is unnatural. Of course, a wedding is very beautiful, joyful, wonderful, romantic, but nothing more. Look around and admit that marriages fail. How many people, in order to maintain a relationship with one partner, go to psychologists, try to change their desires and constantly suffer. This proves the fact that all people are polygamous, both men and women. Personally, I had such an experience of permanent relationships, and I'll tell you honestly, they were given to me with great difficulty. I know people who try to adhere to monogamy, but if you look deep into the problem, then only a few of them live in true harmony. I bow my head before them, "- this is how the actress explained her unwillingness to remarry in a recent interview with Playboy magazine.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria experienced a very difficult divorce from her second husband, basketball player Tony Parker. Parker cheated right and left, the actress suffered and could neither forgive her husband, nor part with him, in the end she brought herself to nervous exhaustion and decided to divorce. After parting with her unfaithful spouse, Eva announced that she had abandoned the idea of ​​monogamy, since a woman loses her essence in marriage, and only a constant change of partners can save her from this fate. True, the star of "Desperate Housewives" still turned out to be a romantic girl and last year, after three years of relationship, she married Mexican businessman Jose Antonio Baston.

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke was more consistent in his attitude to monogamy. Once the actor cheated on his first wife Uma Thurman with their children's nanny Ryan Shohugs. Thurman did not forgive the betrayal, and Shohughes eventually took her place and agreed to a free marriage with Hawke. The actor is now completely happy with his family life and from time to time allows himself romances on the side. In his opinion, a person is a polygamous creature, and a man cannot be attached to his woman, since he needs freedom. Even married.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz changed guys for many years and insisted that she didn’t want to get married, and she considered the idea of ​​monogamy absurd: “Many people want to get married because they were told that marriage would make them happy. They chase, get, and then wonder: “Why did I think this would make me happy? I'm pathetic! " I don't know if there is anyone who is really naturally monogamous. We all have animal instincts. We just live in a society where the opinion that we should get married has already taken root."

However, after forty years, Cameron Diaz, apparently, changed her mind. Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden managed to tame this freedom-loving blonde. Diaz said that she had never met a man like Madden - a tough guy and a real gentleman at the same time.

Hugh grant

Hugh Grant is an addicted man. He considers marriage without betrayal and for life "unromantic" and never looked for his only one.Grant often had affairs with his film partners, the longest being with Elizabeth Hurley. They were together for thirteen years, which in this case is not surprising - Hurley turned a blind eye to infidelity. As a result, they parted as friends, and Hugh Grant entered into an intricate relationship with two women at once, which continues to this day.

In 2001, the actor had a daughter, Tabitha, from a fleeting relationship with a Chinese waitress, Tinglan Hong. A year later, Hong gave birth to a son to Grant, almost at the same time, the heir was presented to the actor by his current beloved, Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein. In Anna, he was attracted by a calm attitude towards marriage and romance without obligations. For a couple of years they had another son, while Grant continues to warmly communicate with both mothers of his children.

Angelina Jolie

In an interview, Angelina Jolie said that she does not consider loyalty to be the main factor in the relationship between a man and a woman: “There are things much worse than infidelity. For example, leaving a loved one or talking badly about him behind his back. Neither I nor Brad have ever said that living together means for us to be chained to each other."

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is sure that harmony should reign in a couple, and this is the main thing. And you can have sex … with anyone. The actress spent twenty years in a civil marriage with the Scottish artist and playwright John Patrick Byrne, with whom they did not arrange scenes of jealousy for each other. Tilda also practices an open relationship with her current boyfriend, artist Sandro Kopp, with whom they have been together since 2004 and who, by the way, is eighteen years younger than Swinton.

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