Where To Look For A Soul Mate By Zodiac Sign

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Where To Look For A Soul Mate By Zodiac Sign
Where To Look For A Soul Mate By Zodiac Sign

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Spring, the heart asks for love, and in mind no one? It's time to take your personal life into your own hands. Read about where you and the young ladies of other signs of the Zodiac look for a soul mate in our today's horoscope.


Aries (march 21 - april 20)

Head to the gym / fitness club to find your soul mate. There you can meet motivated and energetic gentlemen who know how to set records not only on the treadmill and in weightlifting. Since the rogues and smears are a priori not your option, then you should take a closer look at those about whom you can initially say: a person is able to overcome his laziness, has willpower and at least the rudiments of a solid character. But, before you start "fighting", take a closer look, and not the narcissist who you are targeting.

Taurus (april 21 - may 20)

You should look for a soul mate at work or among people with whom you have business interests. Firstly, in this case, the financial position and material capabilities of a potential gentleman are at a glance, and secondly, the first stage of emotional grinding has already been overcome. By the way, your "prince" may also lurk among those who regularly provide you with any utilitarian services: does your banking business, repairs your car, takes care of your teeth.

Gemini (may 21 - june 21)

You can look for a soul mate on collective, so-called "quick" dates, where gentlemen change from one lady to another, and the whole dialogue with each applicant takes no more than five minutes. If a man can interest you in such a short time, it means that he has potential, and you will reveal him the way you need and want. The main thing is not to chatter incessantly, let your counterpart insert a few phrases, but how will you understand that in front of you he is the only one?

Cancer (june 22 - july 22)

You should look for a soul mate among your childhood friends. Study old phone books, arrange meetings of "graduates of the same sandbox" and choose from those who have not yet been ringed, the one to whom you will have the warmest and not only nostalgic feelings. As an option - consider the sons of my mother's friends, "boys" with whom you are connected, if not by personal acquaintances, then at least regular conversations of two gossips about their beautiful children.

Leo (july 23 - august 22)

You should look for a soul mate where what you do best is highly valued. If you are a tough specialist in your professional field, bet on those men who cannot go anywhere without your work; Well, if you are an excellent artist in drawing, sculpting, embroidering, cooking, etc., arrange a real or at least a virtual exhibition, and then a cadre of especially enthusiastic ones. In general, if you want big, pure and long love, then pay attention to the admirers of any of your talents (if there are no fans yet, create a precedent for them to appear).

Virgo (august 23 - september 22)

Your soul mate can wait for you anywhere, one way or another connected either with improving health, or with acquiring new knowledge. Anyone who is on the same wavelength with you, who cares about everything that is in your priority, will definitely be interested in your person, and you can share all the baggage of thematic information that you have already accumulated. In general, the club of interests will subsequently easily flow into the cell of society, unless, of course, you decide that the gentleman is not too perfect.

Libra (september 23 - october 22)

You should look for a soul mate in those communities that unite people who are passionate about a certain kind of art or fandom (book, film, TV series), adhere to the same beliefs as yourself, or constantly get together for social or creative flash mobs.Common hobbies with something interesting will remove the awkwardness of the first communication, help you get to know potential gentlemen better, give you time to decide who you need and whether you want to start an affair with this person.

Scorpio (october 23 - november 21)

Advising you where to look for your soul mate is a waste of time. You literally feel those who are destined for you with your nose, intuitively move in the direction that sooner or later will surely lead you into the arms of a person who at this stage of your existence is the only one for you. And no matter how long "lived happily ever after", with each new man you start your life from an absolutely blank slate.

Sagittarius (november 22 - december 21)

You should look for a soul mate among the fearless representatives of real male professions. Firefighters, policemen, climbers, rescuers and similar heroic personalities will appreciate your decisive disposition and your ability to lend a friendly shoulder, to be "your boyfriend", to compete with them in courage; and then the passion will follow. However, there is another extreme - men who feel most comfortable under the heels of women and dream of being dominated over them (found almost everywhere).

Capricorn (december 22 - january 19)

You should look for a soul mate among those who have either already reached quite obvious heights in their careers (for example, single bosses), or are showing great hopes: new promising employees at work, determined ambitious boy neighbors, acquaintances of acquaintances whose talents you already have everything ears buzzed. In addition, you can pay attention to men who, working in the service sector, regularly bring you practical benefits and at the same time are gentle and smiling personally with you.

Aquarius (january 20 - february 18)

You can look for a soul mate among those who "profess" the same life principles as yourself, who value what is valuable and important for you, who prove their reliability by deeds. In general, social networks and communities will help you, in which people are not just going to shake off and brag about what they eat, what they ride, what they "pack" their carcasses in, but have serious conversations and unite in real life to provide assistance. specific individuals.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

You should take a closer look at those who are at work, near the house, in the entrance or in those institutions in which you visit very often, they somehow react somewhat strangely to your person: they begin to blush and get confused in words, give out awkward compliments, but not goes for a direct approach. Let it be understood that this gentleman is also interesting to you, and then, luckily for you, he will reveal himself from a completely unexpected side. You sometimes act stupidly on men, so they need to be guided to the course you want.

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