Why Men Are More Likely To Cheat On Housewives

Why Men Are More Likely To Cheat On Housewives
Why Men Are More Likely To Cheat On Housewives

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Perhaps someone will immediately have a question about why housewives? Yes, of course, there are many representatives of other industries among the deceived ladies. But we deliberately narrowed down the circle of “offended”, because according to statistics and the results of opinion polls, it is housewives who constitute the most extensive risk zone. According to research by the Russian sociologist Anatoly Zaitsev, housewives are cheated 2 times more often than working and socially active ladies. Why is that? In order to answer this question, let's go over the characteristics of women who are engaged in the household. So:


What men say about housewives

A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that among 900 men surveyed, almost 92% were unanimous on the following statements:

Fact: A housewife wife depends on me and obeys me completely. It is difficult to respect a wife who is busy with the household, who is completely dependent on her husband. Of course, such a statement is quite provocative, and not entirely ethical. But the fact remains. Even the spoiled male ego is satiated with complacency. And the top of the peak called "I am God for her" is sometimes not so tempting. The fact that feelings, if they do not pass, then, at least, fade away over the years is no longer news. And it is then that the husbands have a feeling of dissatisfaction: the wife no longer excites fantasy, does not develop as a person, does not intrigue, and often on the contrary, becomes an obedient and obsessed performer.

Complaint: There is not enough female protest. Paradoxically, husbands need something controversial, partly conflicting, a small, even feigned protest. The main thing, of course, is not to reduce the protest to daily scandals.

Fact: A housewife gets boring over time. The range of interests of such a woman is limited to everyday life. Yes, perhaps the lady is not only sitting in front of a blue screen and flipping through glossy editions. Perhaps she even rereads the world classics of past centuries. But! She is not able to understand her husband in those moments when he tries to initiate her into the intricacies or problems of his career. And the housewife herself has no communication at work or in society. That is, what gives most people the motivation for development.

Complaint: housewives, in most cases, sooner or later begin to plunge into their little world. The choice of diapers, advertising for an innovative cream, the best cleaning agent … A man has nothing to talk about with his wife. Increasingly, he is simply bored with the housewife. And as Jonathan Swift said, "Cheating begins in the heart before it manifests itself in action."

Fact: She loses goals in life. Yes, of course, having and raising children is wonderful. But can this be done as the only purpose in life? Especially considering the fact that a working husband sees other girls every day who are engaged in everyday life, raise children, and go to work.

Complaint: A purposeful woman is more attractive to most men. Such a lady is confident in herself, she is more daring and, as a result, more interesting and desirable.

10 simple reasons for male cheating

Yes, just simple ones. And there are no others in this matter. These girls are characterized by cunning intrigues, long thoughts and insidious plans. For men, everything is simpler, clearer, more banal. As in a bearded anecdote that while checking her son's diary, my mother came across a note from a teacher: "Behavior - 2, thinks too much about girls and sex." Below my mother wrote: “Mary Ivanna! Find a way to fix it - let me know! The husband has the same problem. " So the reasons are:

The wife does not "ignite" (routine sex, monotony).

Taking care of everyday life, the housewife reduces the relationship to the points "fed-washed-woke up".At the same time, forgetting that a man needs not a floor polisher, but a woman.

Revenge on his wife (for insults or betrayal).

To amuse self-esteem, which, as you know, is also measured by the number of sexual exploits.

Desire for sharper and more varied sensations.

A long trip, such as a business trip.

The initiative of a random woman: he could not offend a lady with a refusal, and loyalty could be considered an "inability."

To make sure of personal irresistibility and sexuality. For example, when the wife reproaches "weakness".

To sign your own freedom and independence.

Accidentally. Just. For example, at a party, or when meeting with a former passion.

How not to become an "offended housewife"

Having decided on the role of organizer of everyday life, a woman should be aware that cleaning, washing, cooking and children are really work. That is, you cannot devote 24 hours to this. After completing the housework, the lady should devote time to her development every day. Of course, without going to the office every day, without communicating with a large number of people, you can lag behind the rhythm of life and fall out of the cycle of events. Therefore, daily self-development is the first salvation.

By the way, according to Sergei Avakumov, associate professor of the psychotherapy department of the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis, that is why most of the wives of the richest husbands sooner or later start their own business, sit down to write books, or organize charitable foundations. In order not to lose the taste of life and keep her finger on the pulse, a woman should not only have her own life, but also enrich her inner world.

As motivational speaker Dawson McAlister writes in one of his books, men are purely intuitive with great interest and respect for those ladies who respect themselves. But self-respect comes precisely through self-realization. However, trying to realize yourself in washing pots is a utopia, let's put it bluntly.

Of course, you can indulge yourself with the thought that he is not like that, this will not happen to us. He needs me any. Maybe so. But only girls who are busy with housework should often remember the joke that 90% of men, upon learning about their wife's betrayal, pack up their things and go to their mistress.

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