How Girls Used To Show Tenderness

How Girls Used To Show Tenderness
How Girls Used To Show Tenderness

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Video: How Girls Used To Show Tenderness
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Traditions of affection have existed at all times. We show affection to our relatives, to a loved one, to a child. And what about this in Russia?


Caress before marriage

Very little is known about the caresses and intimate life of the ancient Slavs. A number of researchers believe that in the pre-Christian era, premarital sexual relations in Russia were the norm, and sometimes our ancestors even arranged orgies, as a rule, associated with certain pagan holidays.

Whether this is true or not is a controversial issue, to which there is no unambiguous answer in historical sources. But with the advent of Christianity, intimate relationships began to be strictly controlled by the Church. Although, of course, not every girl "vomited herself to the crown." But premarital relations were strongly condemned in every possible way.

However, this did not mean that Russian girls before the wedding had no contact with the guys at all, especially the peasant women. Boys and girls met at work in the field, at gatherings, at holidays. And often a love relationship was struck between them.

What could an unmarried girl afford if she did not want to be considered a harlot? Of course, there were hugs and touches. A guy and a girl who liked each other could discreetly touch each other with their palms, intertwine their fingers, those who are bolder walked hand in hand. And, of course, they were kissing.

How frank could caress be? It largely depended on how far the guy and the girl were willing to go. Could practice and tenderness "below the belt", but if they found out about it, then the girl was called "shameless".

In the course were affectionate addresses, many of which are no longer used in modern Russian. For example, a girl could call her beloved "sweet" - "sweet, amiable, desirable"; "Ladushko" - "good, beloved"; "My clear month." The guy, in turn, could call his beloved "little beloved", "sweetheart", "droliechka", "sweetheart", "lyubushka", "darling", "darling", "cherish". Regardless of gender, the beloved addressed each other with the words: "Razlaska dear!" This was usually the greeting.

What kind of affectionate treatment existed between wives and husbands?

Between husband and wife, there was an appeal "you are my warm sugrevushka!" A married woman could turn to her husband with the words: "The light of my eyes." A man in Russia was a light for a woman, which illuminated her path, allowed her to realize her creative principle. There were also other addresses: "my clear falcon", "my love", "good fellow", "my betrothed", "hero", "delight of my heart", "dear friend", "darling", "dear friend". The husband, on the other hand, turned to his wife: "My soul", as the beloved woman personified the spiritual meaning of his life, inspired him to feats and achievements. Often wives were called lovingly: "beloved beauty", "my dove", "white swan".

Women were especially fond of their husbands, if they were not in the spirit, were angry with something, tried to calm them down: "You are my clear falcon, the light of my eyes, lie down, take a rest from the road!" If the husband was angry with his wife for something, she could throw herself at his feet, hug him, with the words: "The delight of my heart, there is no fault of mine before you!" By the way, in Russia there was a custom for a long time when a wife had to wash her husband's feet.

How did you caress children in Russia?

Their "affectionate" traditions existed in relation to children, although in Russia it was not customary to spoil them too much. A woman could hug a child to her if he was frightened or she tried to protect him, it was customary to stroke children on the head, ruffle their hair, kiss on the forehead. Moreover, often a woman behaved like this with other people's children, not only with her own.

Such modern terms as "boy", "girl", "baby" were not in use. Minors were most often called the word "child". Adolescents, depending on gender, are "adolescent" or "adolescent". Their children were called affectionate nicknames: "fish", "bunny", "grain", "bird", "sun". A boy or a young man could be called "dear", "kasatik", "falcon". A girl or a girl - "girl". Later appeals appeared, which are still in use: "son", "daughter", "granddaughter", "granddaughter".

As you can see, times are changing. Nowadays, even at the first acquaintance, affection between a very young guy and a girl can be very frank. Some affectionate words have gone out of use, they have been replaced by others. But the essence of this has not changed, and the need of people for tenderness has not gone anywhere.

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