Numerology: Find Out How Many Times You Get Married

Numerology: Find Out How Many Times You Get Married
Numerology: Find Out How Many Times You Get Married

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Probably, each of us had thoughts about why this happens: someone will marry once and live happily ever after with one spouse all their lives, while someone has to visit the registry office several times. Someone blames the character of a person, someone just argues that "unlucky". However, everything actually turns out to be simpler. The fact is that each of us has our own fate number, which determines the most important events in our life. The number of our marriages also depends on this number. The correspondent of the Express-Novosti news agency will help you find out how many marriages fate has in store for you.


First, determine your destiny number. To do this, add up all the numbers that make up your date of birth until you get a single-digit number from 1 to 9. For example, you were born on January 20, 1985. Let's calculate the number of your destiny: 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 26, 2 + 6 = 8. Your destiny number is 8.

Now look at how many marriages await you.

1 - the owners of "one" are very strong personalities. They will find an approach to any person, they find a common language with everyone. This ability helps them maintain relationships in marriage. They usually get married once, in rare cases twice.

2 - "deuce" is inherent in subtle and romantic natures who, if they fall in love, then forever. They enter into marriage once for great and pure love.

3 - "threes" - active natures, carried away. They are sick of monotony, boredom. Perhaps that is why they have several marriages. Someone even manages to visit the registry office more than three times.

4 - those born under the "four" cannot put up with their partner's shortcomings. It is difficult for them to get along with him if he does not correspond to all his dreams and ideals. They think it's better to get a divorce than to live with an imperfect partner. So you have to get married several times until you meet the perfect person.

5 - "fives" are hampered by excessive suspiciousness. They think a lot about various situations, often give them a negative assessment unreasonably. If they leave this habit, then they may well live their whole life in one marriage.

6 - the first marriage of "sixes" usually happens for great love. It usually doesn't last long. But if the choice of the second spouse is approached more judiciously and carefully, then the second marriage can last a long time.

7 - representatives of the "seven" do not rush into the pool with their heads. They have been looking for their soul mate for a long time. And when they succeed, they enter into a strong, durable marriage.

8 - those born under the "eight" are not looking for love. For them, the material side of marriage is much more important. Having entered into a marriage with cold calculation, they make every effort to preserve it for life.

9 - "nines" are always in a hurry somewhere, in a hurry. Also in a hurry, not having time to recognize a partner, they get married. Most likely, they will have to visit the registry office more than once.

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