Wise Quotes Remarque About Love

Wise Quotes Remarque About Love
Wise Quotes Remarque About Love

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Erich Maria Remarque wrote about a lost generation that did not find a place in society due to the war. His war novels convey all the fear and horror that breaks fates. But love in the writer's books is always passionate, penetrating life, capable of healing. “No,” he said quickly. “Not that. Stay friends? To plant a small vegetable garden on the cooled lava of faded feelings? No, this is not for you and me. This only happens after small intrigues, and even then it turns out pretty fake. Love is not stained with friendship. The end is the end."

No person can become more a stranger than the one you loved in the past.

What can one person give to another, except for a drop of warmth? And what could be more than that? Just don't let anyone come close to you. And if you let it go, you want to keep it. And nothing can be kept

How strange the young people of today are. You hate the past, you despise the present, and you are indifferent to the future. This is unlikely to lead to a good ending.

Human life drags on too long for love alone. It's just too long. Love is wonderful. But one of the two always gets bored. And the other is left with nothing. Will freeze and wait for something Waits like crazy

Only those who have been left alone more than once know the happiness of meeting their beloved.

Love hates explanation. She needs action.

All love wants to be eternal. This is her eternal torment.

A woman grows smarter from love, and a man loses his head.

Only if you finally part with a person, you begin to be truly interested in everything that concerns him. This is one of the paradoxes of love. Only the unfortunate knows what happiness is. The lucky man feels the joy of life no more than a mannequin: he only demonstrates this joy, but it is not given to him. The light doesn't shine when it's light. He shines in the darkness.

Only the cows are just happy these days.

You can talk about happiness for about five minutes, no more. Here you will not say anything, except that you are happy. And people talk about misfortune all night long.

In fact, a person is truly happy only when he pays the least attention to time and when he is not driven by fear. And yet, even if fear drives you, you can laugh. What else is there to do?

Loneliness is easier when you don't love.

The most wonderful city is the one where a person is happy.

It's no shame to be born a fool. But it's a shame to die a fool. The more primitive a person is, the higher his opinion of himself is.

There is nothing more exhausting than being present when a person demonstrates his mind. Especially if there is no mind.

“Nothing is lost yet,” I repeated. "You only lose a person when he dies."

Reason is given to man so that he understands: it is impossible to live by reason alone.

Who wants to keep - he loses. Those who are ready to let go with a smile - they try to keep them.

The less self-esteem a person has, the more he is worth.

It is a mistake to assume that all people have the same ability to feel. If you want people not to notice anything, don't be careful. Remember one thing, boy: never, never, never again will you find yourself funny in the eyes of a woman if you do something for her.

It seemed to me that a woman should not tell a man that she loves him. Let her shining, happy eyes speak about this. They are more eloquent than any words.

Women should be either idolized or abandoned. Everything else is a lie.

If a woman belongs to someone else, she is five times more desirable than the one that can be obtained - an old rule.

Women do not need to be explained, they always need to be acted upon.

A woman is not metal furniture for you; she is a flower. She doesn't want to be businesslike. She needs sunny, sweet words. Better to say something pleasant to her every day than to work for her with sullen frenzy all my life.

I stood next to her, listened to her, laughed and thought how scary it is to love a woman and be poor. What you can't get always seems better than what you have. This is the romance and idiocy of human life.

They say that the first seventy years are the hardest to live. And then things will go smoothly.

Life is a sailing boat with too many sails to capsize at any moment.

Repentance is the most useless thing in the world. Nothing can be returned. Nothing can be fixed. Otherwise, we would all be saints. Life did not mean to make us perfect. For the one who is perfect, a place in the museum.

Principles must sometimes be violated, otherwise there is no joy in them.

- Would you like an apple? Apples extend life!

- No thanks.

- And the cigar?

- Do they also prolong life?

- No, they shorten it. Then it is balanced with apples.

It is better to die when you want to live than to live to the point that you want to die.

And no matter what happens to you, don't take anything to heart. Little in the world is important for a long time. Image source: adme.ru

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