Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Football Players Part With "star" Wives Because Of Betrayal

Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Football Players Part With "star" Wives Because Of Betrayal
Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Football Players Part With "star" Wives Because Of Betrayal

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Alexander Kerzhakov and Milana Tyulpanova


Senator Tyulpanov's daughter appeared in Alexander's life at a difficult moment: then, in 2014, a man sued his former common-law wife Catherine for custody of a one-year-old child. The proceedings ended (by the way, in favor of Kerzhakov), the footballer met Milana's parents and liked them - nothing prevented the lovers from playing a luxurious wedding in 2015. Two years later, Milana gave her beloved son Artemy - a new happy family was formed. But a few months later, when the paparazzi filmed Alexander with a mysterious brunette, the public began to talk about the man's affairs on the side. At first, her wife defended Milan, but in May she announced her separation: “I have long been not in a relationship with him. This is an absolutely fallen, unworthy person, alas. " However, the point in the relationship of the couple has not yet been put.

Alexander and Milana Kerzhakov.Photo: Alexander Gluz

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov

11 years lived together for the couple were happy, despite the quarrels and contradictions. But the parting turned out to be more than confusing. Tatiana and Vladislav more than once announced a breakup, made peace, changed their mind. The final confession was made in December 2016 after Bulanova's words about the betrayal of loved ones - and the couple really divorced. True, later together they celebrated the singer's birthday at a romantic dinner, and they still continue to live under one roof. Among the reasons for the breakup was Radimov's infidelity: three years ago, fitness trainer Irina Yakovleva announced a relationship with a football player. Bulanova only took pity on the woman and continued to assure: "Our divorce did not happen because of Vlad's betrayal." The singer did not voice the real reason, although she could have done it for money on the “Secret for a Million” show, but she preferred to burn the envelope with her main secret.

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov. Photo: Instagram

Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva

Smolov was always popular with the opposite sex: he met models Miranda Shelia, Yulia Levchenko, Victoria Lopyreva. But with none of the beauties it came to a wedding, except for a beautiful ceremony in the Maldives, where the footballer "married" Miss Russia - 2003. Victoria and Fedor were planning to formalize the relationship officially, when suddenly Lopyreva said: “Nothing more connects us with Fedor. I made this decision six months ago. While he is more interested in social networks and beautiful cars. He's a good guy, but alas, we are no longer on our way. " The blonde's colleague in beauty contests also spoke about the disagreement: the model hinted that Fedor flew abroad to celebrate the bachelor party with all that it implies - alcohol, parties, girls - and completely forgot about his mistress.

Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva. Photo: Globallook

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov

The star of "House-2" was carried away by the footballer when he was still married. Soon Dmitry left his first wife and played a wedding with Olga in 2012. True, after a four-year period of "gibberish", the TV presenter herself found herself in the status of a deceived wife - a young passion, Anastasia Kostenko, appeared in Tarasov's life. Buzova did not remain silent about the reasons for the divorce: "Maybe you can tell me how you cheated on me with a" miss? " - publicly addressed the TV personality to the former satellite. The echoes of the scandalous rupture still sound, but the life of its participants has quite developed: Olga declared an era named after herself, becoming both a singer, and an entrepreneur, and a restaurateur, and Tarasov, who married for the third time, is preparing to become a father again.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. Photo: KUDRYAVOV BORIS

Julia Baranovskaya and Andrey Arshavin

“I have lived absolutely happy 9 years. No fear, no postponement for a rainy day. I gave birth to three children without being officially married, without having anything registered for myself - am I completely crazy?”, Yulia exclaimed after her divorce from a football player. And there were reasons for that: the athlete abandoned his beloved in the fifth month of pregnancy, saying that another beloved woman had appeared in his life. After the birth of her son Arseny, the TV presenter was waiting for a long litigation - Julia was still able to achieve alimony. As well as success in your career, becoming the face of the "Male / Female" program. Arshavin married again, became a father again and changed again - his wife Alice was able to forgive her windy husband.

Julia Baranovskaya and Andrey Arshavin. Photo: Globallook

Julia Nachalova and Evgeny Aldonin

The breakup of this couple was also explained by betrayal, only not male, but on the part of the singer. The spouses, who had been married for about five years, did not have enough time for each other: Eugene disappeared in training and training camps, Julia recorded an album in America. On another continent, the artist met hockey player Alexander Frolov. The public quickly learned that Nachalova had an affair behind her husband's back thanks to the paparazzi. Later, the singer said that she and Eugene had long ceased to exist as a couple - they simply postponed the official divorce - that is why she allowed herself to fall in love again. Nachalova and Aldonin really broke up peacefully. “I think that such a divorce can be entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the positive,” the singer later shared. With the second chosen athlete, Julia did not find happiness either: the couple Nachalova and Frolov broke up in 2016.

Julia Nachalova and Evgeny Aldonin. Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova and Valentin Belkevich

For the first time, the ex-"VIA Gra" got married at the age of 21, the Belarusian football player Valentin Belkevich became the couple's choice. “I just met a man with whom, as it seemed to me, I would never cry. After some time, I realized that I was pregnant, this was the first time. He confessed his love and proposed. After the wedding, it turned out that we are completely different,”Sedokova recalled about her past marriage. But it's not even about the characters of the former spouses. It turned out that Belkevich preferred another woman to the artist. And moreover, he lived with his mistress Lesya before, during and after the wedding with the singer - feeling her husband's infidelity, Sedokova herself invited Valentin to divorce. With his second chosen one, Anna had to face again after Valentine's death: women shared the footballer's inheritance in court.

Anna Sedokova and Valentin Belkevich. Photo: kp.ru

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