"Only Men Suffer From This." Saratov Psychiatrists And Psychotherapists Commented On The Increased Incidence Of Exhibitionists

"Only Men Suffer From This." Saratov Psychiatrists And Psychotherapists Commented On The Increased Incidence Of Exhibitionists
"Only Men Suffer From This." Saratov Psychiatrists And Psychotherapists Commented On The Increased Incidence Of Exhibitionists

Video: "Only Men Suffer From This." Saratov Psychiatrists And Psychotherapists Commented On The Increased Incidence Of Exhibitionists

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Svobodnye Novosti talked with Saratov experts and tried to understand why some townspeople go out into the street without pants and panties and how to behave to others during such a sudden meeting.


Psychiatrist, psychotherapist Gleb Pospelov said that such behavior of people can be a manifestation of certain mental and chronic diseases, which can periodically worsen.

According to the interlocutor, in some cases meteorological conditions and atmospheric fluctuations may affect. However, this is not necessarily related to seasonality, although "the frequency is technically higher in spring and autumn."

Pospelov emphasized that mental disorder can be one of the manifestations of more serious disorders and does not always seem to be an independent disease.

“A peculiar, perverted sex drive. They experience sexual arousal in the process of exposing their genitals or certain parts of the body in front of passers-by. Presumably women, if the heterosexual orientation of the exhibitionist is meant. That is, men are more likely to behave like this towards women. This allows them in this way to realize their sexual fantasies, to relieve sexual tension, "- said the interlocutor, adding that the pervert is aimed at obtaining sexual pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction. He needs to get naked for the audience.

A deviation in the sphere of sexual behavior does not carry any social danger, the psychiatrist noted, but it is possible that there will be some changes in human behavior. At the same time, you should not contact a person who is mentally unhealthy, as you can provoke an outbreak of aggression, which can be dangerous. But the psychotherapist in his practice did not meet with the manifestation of explicit violence towards others on the part of exhibitionists, apart from moral and emotional. “It is not entirely correct to close a person forcibly because he is sick, except in cases when it is a criminal offense,” Pospelov said.

The doctor also advised eyewitnesses to stay away from such people, move away from them to places where the public gathers, and call for help.

Clinical psychologist, sexologist Ivan Vdovenko stressed that in Saratov the number of exhibitionists is always constant, often people from 25 to 40 years old. It is extremely rare to find an exhibitionist over forty years old.

The specialist agrees with his colleague that such mental disorders can be aggravated due to changes in weather conditions. Dovenko noted that there are two types of exhibitionism: false and true. False is hooliganism that does not carry any background. True is a psychotic disorder that has periodization, exacerbation and development. Unlike the false one, the natural exhibitionist is quite aggressive and persistent. In general, such people do not pose any danger and are rarely associated with pedophilia, but there are exceptions.

“People with this disorder satisfy their sexual needs. They may not experience orgasm, they may simply be in a state of sexual euphoria.

The exhibitionist does not immediately run away. He shows the genitals and waits for a response. For example, he enters a public place, the reaction of surprise, fright, fear is important to him, - explained Vdovenko.- The demonstration of the genitals causes them sexual satisfaction, namely physical, against the background of receiving vivid emotions. That is why the response is so important to them”. Otherwise, the specialist added, the exhibitionist may start screaming, stamping his feet, but not hitting.

How to respond to an appointment with an exhibitionist? A light emotion, a smile, says the psychologist.

It is important to remain calm. In no case should you make comments to such a person.

Psychiatrist Elena Kolesnichenko believes that exhibitionists did not appear more often on the streets of Saratov, their number was always sufficient. It depends on the publicity factor.

“[Residents] have become more vigilant. There used to be too many of them [exhibitionists]. People did not complain, did not file a statement with the police. Most likely, yes, now somehow the public consciousness has grown in this regard, "- said the interlocutor.

According to Kolesnichenko, perverts satisfy primarily sexual attraction and only men suffer from this. At the same time, as a rule, these are men with low self-esteem, with pathology of libido development. The psychotherapist added that exhibitionists attack women quickly: from the bushes, on a bicycle, from around the corner, so that they can quickly hide. But there is no attack on children from people with a similar mental disorder, unless they have another disorder.

“Only men who are characterized by cowardice suffer from exhibitionism. These are insecure men who act on the sly. And, of course, they react to some kind of aggression on the part of a woman. They retreat if the woman behaves boldly, rebuffs,”the psychiatrist emphasized.

When meeting such a person, Kolesnichenko advises to make a remark and not show your fear. From this, perverts just get sexual satisfaction, but if they show aggression, they leave the scene of the crime.

According to Kolesnichenko, if exhibitionists commit illegal acts, then by a court decision they must be protected from society, but doctors do not resolve issues of isolating such patients.

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