Sitting Up As Bachelors: 4 Russian Artists Who Still Have Not Found Wives

Sitting Up As Bachelors: 4 Russian Artists Who Still Have Not Found Wives
Sitting Up As Bachelors: 4 Russian Artists Who Still Have Not Found Wives

Video: Sitting Up As Bachelors: 4 Russian Artists Who Still Have Not Found Wives

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Recently, 37-year-old Dima Bilan shocked his fans (especially fans), saying that he was not going to get married and did not recognize the institution of marriage at all. But it turns out that there are other men in Russia who hold this opinion.


While many women dream of warm and strong relationships with these famous handsome men, they work, build careers, rest and do not think about marriage at all. At least, this is evidenced by their marital status.

Marat Safin, 39 years old

Tennis player Marat Safin once admitted that he does not plan to enter into a serious relationship, let alone build a family.

I have no girlfriend or wife. Long ago. It happened. And I do not want yet, there is no desire.

Nevertheless, the athlete said that he had a "long-term relationship", and, apparently, not very successful, because now Safin "wants to live for himself."

Perhaps by "long-term relationship" Marat Safin means an affair with the opera diva Aida Garifullina. The lovers lived in different countries and rarely saw each other. As a result, the singer met another man and gave birth to a daughter from him.

According to rumors, Safin also has a child from an affair with model Valeria Yakubovskaya, but he himself denies this information. In a few months, the athlete will turn forty, and his marital status pages in his passport are still empty. So far, Marat's two cats are the unchanged and most beloved "concubines" of Marat. And there are a lot of such "strong and independent" men now.

Sergey Lazarev, 36 years old

The personal life of Sergei Lazarev has been haunted by his fans for many years! What they didn’t say about the singer: and that he was secretly married, and that he had changed his orientation. This year, another news about Lazarev’s “wedding” spread over the Internet, even photos from the ceremony appeared. But it soon became clear that the artist simply took part in a commercial, where he appeared in front of the audience in the form of a groom.

Another shock for the fans was the fact that Lazarev has a one-year-old daughter, Anna. By the way, he also skillfully hid his son Nikita from the press for more than two years. Who is the mother of these beautiful children is still unknown.

Due to the fact that the singer ignored all questions about this mysterious woman, a lot of rumors about his paternity spread on the Internet.

Even when it became known that I have a son, there were people who said that this was not my son. He is blue-eyed, and I am brown-eyed. They said that this is not my child, that I am raising my brother's child, that this is the child of my guitarist. That this is all PR.

Timur Batrutdinov, 41 years old

The Comedy Club resident, although an experienced bachelor, nevertheless does not hide that he is looking for a life partner and has been doing this for several years now. Unsuccessful so far

Even the country's main matchmakers Larisa Guzeeva and Roza Syabitova did not help Batrutdinov find his love within the framework of the Let's Get Married program. Later there was an attempt to build happiness on the "Bachelor" project, where 25 women fought for the comedian's heart at once! As a result, Timur Takhirovich chose one finalist, but soon after the end of the show, it became clear that the relationship between them did not work out: the girl married another man, and Batrutdinov remained alone.

Recently, the artist is also credited with an affair with the former star of "House-2" Olga Buzova. Together they star in the "Plan B" project, where they help each other find their halves. Who knows, maybe at the end of the show they will understand that love has always been there.

Dima Bilan, 37 years old

Another enviable bachelor on the national stage is singer Dima Bilan.The man did not appear in the company of other ladies since he parted with his "great love" Elena Kuletskaya (although the media wrote that their relationship was PR).

In any case, now Bilan's heart is free and he, apparently, is not going to fill it with anyone. The singer expressed a clear position on this in a recent interview.

Who invented this? All their lives, people get married, and then they get divorced. And then what does it look like? I am against the institution of marriage, because a man invented it. I do not want!

Why do you think these men are still single?

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