Find Your Love At Work? Why Not?

Find Your Love At Work? Why Not?
Find Your Love At Work? Why Not?

Video: Find Your Love At Work? Why Not?

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Almost half of the employees of small and medium-sized companies have office romances. This follows from the results of a survey that for Business Platform conducted among its users.


When asked how the office romances ended, about a third of the respondents answered that it was a short affair. For one in four, she grew into a serious relationship, and 13% ended up getting married.

In the overwhelming majority of Russian companies, according to the respondents, there are no rules governing personal relationships at work.

Business FM decided to ask business representatives how they feel about office romances. Evgeny Kogan, president of the Moscow Partners company, sees nothing wrong with this, provided that the relationship does not interfere with work.

Evgeny Kogan Managing Director of the Moscow Partners company “Whenever a husband and wife or people who are in some kind of connection with each other work in the company, there are opportunities for some non-standard actions, let's call it that. On the other hand, people are people. As Woland said, only the housing issue spoiled them a little, and everything else is fine. There are people who work together, husband and wife, and wonderful normal people, and I do not see anything wrong with this, provided that we understand that this does not affect their work in any way. Therefore, you know, everything is creative here. Large government agencies or just large corporations have fairly strict rules on this topic. What kind? You know, I didn’t delve into it, because somehow it’s not very interesting to me”.

Finn Flare CEO Ksenia Ryasova believes that relationships at work are "a natural process."

Ksenia Ryasova CEO of Finn Flare “It's a natural process when a man likes a woman, a woman likes a man, it happens when a man likes a man, and in our company it happens, and a woman likes a woman, there were also such stories. But this is purely their personal business, I never climb and I will not allow others to climb into someone else's personal life. We already have several marriages in our company, which began at work, and strong marriages, already children over ten years old, live fine, everything is fine. We've probably already had more than ten couples created at work during the existence of the company. How could it be otherwise? Where else to meet, on the subway? In fact, when you meet at work, you know this person, you know what to expect from him, that he works exactly as he said, and not as a top manager at Rosneft, as he might introduce himself. You trust this person more, therefore, in my opinion, the marriages that are concluded after office romances are much more and they are stronger."

The executive director of the Stark Group of Companies Sergei Dzyubenko says that according to the unspoken rules, such a relationship should not be entered into, but nevertheless, novels in the service are found "all the time."

Sergei Dzyubenko, executive director of the Stark Group of Companies “To be honest, I don’t remember any special regulation at the level of even conditionally ethical codes, corporate culture, I don’t remember that it was somehow spelled out separately or specially. It is clear that there are unspoken rules, by default it is considered that it is not worth it, but it is not a secret for anyone that, especially in large companies, however, novels arise quite often, but even then the issue is actually not resolved by applying the provisions of internal regulatory documents, and it all depends on the level of delicacy, experience and the availability of life experience in a particular manager."

The most "loving" industries, according to the survey, were transport and communications, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, advertising, marketing and PR.1250 users of the Business Platform took part in the survey.

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