Poklonskaya Described The Ideal Man

Poklonskaya Described The Ideal Man
Poklonskaya Described The Ideal Man

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State Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya told what qualities, in her opinion, an ideal man should have.


The ex-prosecutor of Crimea gave a frank interview to the host of the Male Conversation program on Channel Eight.

“A real man should be a protector. Defender of the homeland. A real man, in order to become a real protector, he must understand the meaning of the words "honor" and "dignity". You need to understand for yourself that there are such concepts: "honor" and "dignity". And there are also notions of honor and dignity of the country, which must be cherished and protected,”Poklonskaya said.

The deputy also shared her childhood memories.

Going about their business with a cousin. They caught both mothers-daughters and butterflies in the garden, then spanked them with a needle to the board. They fluttered there, fluttered, and then dried up. There was a collection of butterflies.

The father of the future prosecutor worked in a mine, mother - at a factory.

After the family moved from the Voroshilovgrad region to Crimea, dad got a job as an electrician, mom - in a horticultural society. “There was not enough money, everything was like everyone else's,” Poklonskaya noted.

The deputy confessed that sometimes, like her friends, she “poked” videotapes from her parents. “We are not for cigarettes, we are for cassettes. Remember there were such large videotapes? We really did pick tapes from our parents. About Freddy Krueger. Gathered by our gang, two people had videos and watched these horror films, "- shared the people's darling.

Already in the ninth grade, Poklonskaya decided on her future profession and decided to work in law enforcement agencies in order to protect ordinary people from injustice.

Just imagine a simple, ordinary person who came to draw up an unfortunate piece of paper. He comes to this official, a little official, who treats this person with such malice: "Ask me, now I will think - do you or not do it." Either they sit in offices, drink tea and coffee, grandmothers-old women are unhappy there. If you want to know a person, give him a little power, the deputy emphasized.

According to Poklonskaya, it was difficult to work as a prosecutor, sometimes even physically difficult.

“For example, you come home after the service. As soon as you come home, set, fried potatoes to eat, as soon as you sit down, the duty officer calls: “Natalya, good evening. We have a corpse.

Everything, potatoes to the background, went to the corpse. In the morning you sleep, I would like to see good dreams, but again the duty officer: "Natalya, did you wake me up?" Of course, I woke up, half past three in the morning,”the deputy recalls.

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