An Adventure Girl From The Capital Of Pomorie Became A Bride On "Let's Get Married"

An Adventure Girl From The Capital Of Pomorie Became A Bride On "Let's Get Married"
An Adventure Girl From The Capital Of Pomorie Became A Bride On "Let's Get Married"

Video: An Adventure Girl From The Capital Of Pomorie Became A Bride On "Let's Get Married"

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Ekaterina has been living in St. Petersburg for about eight years.


Yekaterina, a 25-year-old native of Arkhangelsk, appeared on Channel One, on the Let's Get Married program, on 18 September. She told about herself that she now works as a manager in a large bank, lives in St. Petersburg. After several unsuccessful relationships, she is looking for a "generous and hard-working merry fellow who will help with the housework and share her interests." Three men fought for the girl's heart, but she made a choice in favor of the extravagant Valentine.

Catherine surprised the hosts of the show with stories of tumultuous relationships in the past. The girl survived some of them back in Arkhangelsk: her first love for 19-year-old young man Alexander passed here, when the girl herself was only 13 years old. And another man, with whom she tried to build a relationship much later, raised a hand to her.

On the air of the program, footage from Arkhangelsk, native to Yekaterina, also appeared. The girl, as it turned out, spent her childhood and adolescence in Solombala, studied at school 50. Now the girl's mother still lives here, judging by the shooting, in rather bad conditions - the entrance of the house does not look the best.

Catherine herself, and in St. Petersburg, was faced with a relationship in which a man named Maxim raised his hand to her. At the show, the girl came to find her new love, emphasizing that in no case wants to see an untidy man with her or one who still lives with her parents.

“I don’t want to drag anyone else. Itself because I am a locomotive. I pry and go forward, and I will always go, work. here you are my doctors, you will help me to find. I am already 25 years old, almost 26, - shared what she expects from participating in the program, during the broadcast Ekaterina.

Energy practitioner Valentin, fitness instructor Dmitry and hostel owner Ruslan joined the battle for Ekaterina's attention. Each of the men tried to surprise the bride in his own way: the first groom brought an amulet to the studio, which, however, wanted to charge the girl's blood, the second groom showed his skills in filmmaking, trying to embody on stage with the help of Ekaterina a fragment from the film "Girls", and the third came out during a surprise in the form of a clown and taught the girl to create flowers from balloons.

At the end of the program, Catherine made a choice in favor of the first groom - Valentine, who apparently conquered her with his uniqueness.

Recall that Catherine is not the first archangel town to appear in the show. Our fellow countryman Sergei Nezgovorov played the role of one of the applicants in the April issue of Let's Get Married. True, in a conversation with a correspondent, Sergei then admitted that he did not look for his fate there, rather he just wanted to get experience of participating in the filming of this format of the program.

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