Russian Girls Who Managed To Conquer Foreign Stars

Russian Girls Who Managed To Conquer Foreign Stars
Russian Girls Who Managed To Conquer Foreign Stars

"Vecherka" decided to remember which of the Russian beauties managed to charm foreign celebrities.


Beauty of many children

The adorable Natalia Vodianova, a mother of five, is married for the second time, and both of her husbands are foreigners.

The first husband is the British aristocrat Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman. In a marriage with him, Natalya gave birth to three children: the sons of Lucas Alexander and Victor and a daughter, Neva (emphasis on the first syllable). In 2010, the couple broke up, and in 2011 Natalia married businessman Antoine Arnault. They had two more children - Maxim and Roman.

From wealth to erudition

Olga Kurylenko, a native of Berdyansk, also monetized her beauty perfectly.

"James Bond Girl" in 1999 married her friend, French photographer Cedric van Mol, but the marriage soon fell apart. Olga's second husband was entrepreneur Demian Gabriell, with whom she also broke up. In 2015, Olga gave birth to a baby and "presented" his father - actor and journalist Max Benitz. He's not very rich, but well-read.

Hooked on Cooper

Irina Shaikhlislamova, known as Irina Shayk, reached the Hollywood star.

Having been a friend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina since 2015 began a relationship with actor Bradley Cooper. The girls next to him usually did not linger: his relationship with Jennifer Esposito, Renee Zellweger, Zoe Saldana and Sookie Waterhouse did not last even two years. So Irina still worries Bradley's heart the longest!

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