Something New: Brad Pitt Is Dating A Teacher

Something New: Brad Pitt Is Dating A Teacher
Something New: Brad Pitt Is Dating A Teacher

Video: Something New: Brad Pitt Is Dating A Teacher

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Video: Brad Pitt has a new girlfriend? 2023, February

And he already stays for the night with his new lover.


Spring has come, and the heart of the main Hollywood handsome man, who has been sad for so long because of the divorce from Angelina Jolie, is busy again. Meet: the new girlfriend of Brad Pitt was a woman not from the world of show business, but a serious lady. 42-year-old brunette Nari Oxman has a model appearance - which are only plump lips and expressive green eyes, and at the same time holds a very respectable position. She works as a professor of architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Brad Pitt is in love and happy again

As Western tabloids found out, Pitt had an eye on the beauty of the professor, who is 12 years younger than him, even when his divorce proceedings with Jolie were in full swing. He met her at a secular evening dedicated to modern architectural projects, since Oksman, in addition to teaching students, is also an artist, architect and designer. He fell in love with her during … a lecture on construction. Romance and more! They say that Brad was struck in the very heart by how passionate about Nari's work, and then he already drew attention to her attractive appearance and other qualities.

Nari Oxman. Well good!

Oxman, as the tabloids write, was also attracted to the Hollywood macho not by his fame or charisma, but by his passion for architecture. It turns out that this is almost Pitt's favorite hobby. Their relationship is developing rapidly: a couple has already been found sleeping with each other. However, both are not going to rush to marriage. Like Brad, Nari has experience in a serious relationship: for several years she was married to Argentine composer Osvaldo Golikhov, but now she is divorced and free.

By the way, her photos often adorn not only scientific publications, but also gloss: once the professor was even included in the list of the 25 most beautiful residents of Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, where she lives and works.

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