Unity Of Hearts: Why Russian Teenagers Are Dying In Japanese

Unity Of Hearts: Why Russian Teenagers Are Dying In Japanese
Unity Of Hearts: Why Russian Teenagers Are Dying In Japanese

Video: Unity Of Hearts: Why Russian Teenagers Are Dying In Japanese

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Teens are increasingly dying in pairs. These are both bosom friends and lovers. On May 13, a terrible incident occurred again in the capital: the bodies of a 17-year-old boy and girl were found in the courtyard of a skyscraper on Istrinskaya Street.


In Japan, a country that has long been considered one of the leaders in the number of voluntary departures, there is even a special term for such cases, suicides committed by a pair of lovers - "shinju". "Shinju" (the phenomenon when a boy and a girl pass away because the family or society does not accept their love) has been widespread in the Land of the Rising Sun for many years. Why the Japanese "shinju" is increasingly occurring in Russia, we were told by the psychiatrist-criminologist Mikhail VINOGRADOV:

- Unfortunately, the number of voluntary deaths in our country continues to grow, in addition, such incidents, committed by couples or even groups, have noticeably increased. In fact, paired and group attempts to leave this life can be considered the most dangerous, because they are more often brought to the end. A teenager who decides to part with life alone has a much better chance of coming to terms and stopping than a couple.

- There is an opinion that in this case the guy wanted to die, and the girl just followed him. How often in a pair is one leader and the other follower?

- Usually in a couple, children warm up each other, take "weakly". In addition, the slave teenager, who himself, perhaps, would not want to die, immediately has a thought: what is the point of living if there is no beloved. Psychologically, it is much easier for two to take this step than one. Most likely, in the case of the death of adolescents on Istrinskaya Street, someone alone, a guy or a girl, could not find the meaning of life, so he decided to take this step, dragging his other half along psychologically. Guys in adolescence are very suggestible, a cheerful and carefree child can be on the edge of the abyss under the influence of desperate friends, his girlfriend or boyfriend. At all times, back in the USSR, there was a certain category of people who did not see the meaning in life, so they wanted to stop it. Due to the development of the Internet, these groups of people began to openly broadcast their vision of the world to others. As a result, the number of deaths among adolescents who are most susceptible to psychological suggestion began to grow. In addition, in comparison with the USSR, there are more and more incomplete and dysfunctional families in Russia. Teenagers do not have enough attention and affection at home, because many parents simply have no time or do not want to fully deal with their children, they believe that it is quite enough to get rid of them with another expensive gadget.

It also became known that before their death, the guys watched the video Sleep of the group My Chemical Romance, in which a couple of lovers, tied to each other with a rope, jump into the void.

When asked whether this could affect the actions of adolescents, psychologist and psychiatrist Oleg Shevchenko answered:

- Certain movies and music can contribute to some of the darker moods in adolescents. However, watching such a clip in itself could hardly have influenced the actions of adolescents, pushing them to a tragic step. Interest in the video was only a consequence of the feeling of hopelessness and gloomy mood among young people. That is, they watched it because they were already tuned in a certain way, and not vice versa. To add pathos to their departure, they simply copied what they saw in the video. This is very common among adolescents.

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