My Holiday Romance With A Married Man Led To Great Love! To Be In A Relationship Or Not To Be?

My Holiday Romance With A Married Man Led To Great Love! To Be In A Relationship Or Not To Be?
My Holiday Romance With A Married Man Led To Great Love! To Be In A Relationship Or Not To Be?

Video: My Holiday Romance With A Married Man Led To Great Love! To Be In A Relationship Or Not To Be?

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To be in a relationship or not to be?


This story happened the summer before last. It’s hard to believe that two years have passed. My friend Larisa and I went to rest on the sea. Despite the fact that I was still young and lonely, I did not plan any love affairs at all. However, everything happened exactly the opposite.

We settled in a private guest house, three young men lived on the same floor with us. The kitchen was common and it was natural that we got to know them - we exchanged a couple of phrases over morning tea; in the evening, when they were cutting a salad for dinner, we got into conversation.

Gradually, we began to go to the beach together, go on excursions, while away the evenings in a cafe or in our kitchen with a bottle of local Caucasian wine. We are all decent and adults, no one allowed any liberties, we just had fun, talked a lot. My girlfriend is a psychologist, I am a foreign language teacher. All the men were also well-read and educated, so there were always topics for conversation.

One of them was named Valera, he immediately attracted my attention, because our views on life and interests turned out to be too similar. Valery did not hide the fact that he has a wife. She is a sports coach, and with her group of gymnasts went to the training camp, so she could not keep her husband company at sea. I immediately made it clear that I never get in touch with married men, even while on vacation at a resort. But after three days I had such an affair with Valera that I myself did not expect. Now I understand that this was the biggest mistake in my life.

He looked after me very beautifully, surrounded me with care and attention, followed me everywhere, gave me flowers. I spent with him almost all the time, but I tried to keep my distance, although I understood - a little more and I would melt like a wax candle from fire. Valera was too attractive and courteous.

At the beginning of the second week, I felt that I was giving up. My boyfriend was not only there all the time, but constantly tried to touch or hug, lay down very close on the beach. That day we spent a pleasant evening in the general company, a couple of glasses of wine did their job. When everyone went to sleep in their rooms, Valera and I went to the sea. We spent the whole night on the beach until dawn.

Thus began the sweetest week and a half of my life. To be honest, I am tormented by remorse, but I do not regret anything. When we parted, we both had tears in our eyes, as if for us it was the love of our life. We called back for another six months. Then the calls became less and less frequent, and, in the end, communication faded away.

The whole problem is that now I cannot forget it. After Valera, I had boyfriends, but I involuntarily compared each one with him and ended the relationship. These were not at all the feelings that I experienced at sea. This situation scares me, I am exhausted. Valery lives well in his city with his family, and now what should I do? Perhaps the reason is that it was the first bright relationship in my life? Will I ever forget them?

Psychologist's comment:

It was a beautiful story with a sad ending, and you still have your whole life ahead of you. Time heals, so get your Valera out of your head and start living a normal life at last. Why do you need it? If I could easily cheat on my wife, I would do the same with you if the holiday romance was continued. When parting, most likely, only you cried, and the boyfriend adequately played his role of an ardent lover to the end. Remember: whoever should be with us remains. And who left is just an experience, albeit so bitter, cruel, but it will certainly teach something.There will also be a man in your life whom you yourself will not want to compare with anyone. Most importantly, open up to new relationships.

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