I Left My Husband For My Lover And Regretted It

I Left My Husband For My Lover And Regretted It
I Left My Husband For My Lover And Regretted It

Video: I Left My Husband For My Lover And Regretted It

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Video: I left my husband for another man Emani Talks|DOLLFACEBEAUTYX 2023, February

I want to share my story. I am 40 years old, I have an adult daughter from my first marriage. My husband and I have lived together for 17 years. She always considered marriage to be happy, although, of course, there were pitfalls. I got married after thinking it over carefully.

I chose the most intelligent, reliable and responsible guy from the fans, whom I had a lot at that time. My husband loved me very much, our relationship was strong and stable. Home, work, child. Over time, money appeared, they lived in abundance. But I didn’t have enough emotions, feelings! I wanted to fall in love again.

My husband is a very reserved and not emotional person. He behaved towards me like a "biscuit" and did not show love and romance. I met a person, bright, emotional, creative, we had an affair. My husband found out and my whole world collapsed. I asked him to forgive me, I begged him not to leave and keep the family, and he stayed … But our life turned into hell.

His coldness towards me, reticence, constant suspicion. Six months later, I decided to leave the family.

We experienced the divorce very painfully. My husband was throwing tantrums, begged to stay, as I once did. But I already gave my word to another person that I would be with him and decided that I would be happy in a new relationship. But happiness did not happen there … it turned out that we could not live in the same territory, frequent quarrels knocked me out of my life schedule and I began to miss my husband.

My current man, as it turned out, was officially married and did not want to get divorced, said that he could not leave her after 20 years of marriage. He told his wife everything about me and she accepted it. I didn't want to be the third in their relationship and left.

After some time, I again met a wonderful man, began an affair. And everything was as I wanted - passion, tender words, stormy nights. We began to live together. He is a bachelor, at 42 he has never been married and never planned to marry.

And I wanted a family. surrounded him with care, love and attention. It was a victory - he wanted to marry me!

For a year we lived in perfect harmony, enjoyed every day we spent together. And then problems and quarrels began, and as it turned out, the reason for this was a new woman. One day he told me that he loved another. I accepted this and waited for him to come to himself from new emotions. But this did not happen.

My new husband filed for divorce and I decided to return to my old husband after 4 years. But he doesn't want to see me either! I love him and do not understand how I could exchange him for men who have never loved me.

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