Who Was Not Invited To A Traditional Russian Wedding

Who Was Not Invited To A Traditional Russian Wedding
Who Was Not Invited To A Traditional Russian Wedding

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The wedding was and remains a special event in the life of any couple. Previously, weddings and wedding feasts were held in strict accordance with numerous traditions and rituals, the violation of which did not bode well for the young. Many of these signs are still alive.


Who was not called to the role of witnesses?

For a long time, it was not customary to call young people who were going to enter into a legal marriage to a wedding as witnesses. The fact is that, according to church canons, after the wedding, an exclusively spiritual bond is formed between the witnesses, which does not imply intimate relationships. That is why, to this day, it is believed that taking as witnesses a couple in a civil marriage means incurring trouble. This tradition has undergone some changes and now it is not customary to invite legal spouses to the role of witnesses.

According to the clergy, people who are divorced cannot be witnesses at the wedding either. Since it is the witnesses who should be an example for the young, to be their mentors, and divorced spouses, of course, are not capable of being an authority.

There is also a belief that it is impossible to invite widowers and widows to the role of witnesses. Failure to comply with this condition threatens the imminent loneliness of one of the spouses.

Who didn't attend the wedding?

Before sitting at the wedding table, the future spouses were sent to church in order to get married. Smart and buzzing cars are not new at all. Earlier in Russia, horses and carts were also dressed up with ribbons and bells for a trip to church. This was called the wedding train. Moreover, the bride and groom traveled in different "trains".

The wedding ceremony was attended by bridesmaids, friends of the groom, godparents of both newlyweds and their relatives. Only young parents were not invited to the wedding. They were obliged to deal with the preparations for the meeting of the newlyweds and the wedding table.

Even today, some couples do not invite the mother of the bride to the wedding. They say that her presence during the sacrament threatens the young with all kinds of misfortunes.

Who hasn't been invited to the wedding feast?

Immediately after the wedding, the young went to the house of the groom's parents, where they laid the so-called wedding or princely table. The father and mother of the bride were not invited to the prince's table. Only the groom's relatives came. It was also allowed to invite boys and girls from the village. However, they were at that feast only as spectators. The bride's parents came exclusively to the second part of the feast - the alpine table. The young people at the wedding table did not drink or eat, since there were married men and married women next to them, which the bride and groom were not yet considered to be.

But a special attitude in Russia has always been not only to newlyweds, but also to widowers and widows. Usually they were not invited to any holidays, and especially to a wedding. Moreover, this sign still lives among the people, like the one according to which it is not customary to invite divorced relatives or friends to a wedding.

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